Directory of Regulatory Updates to Conformity Assessment Programmes

Listed below are updates to the Conformity Assessment Programmes that Intertek support including product, labelling and certificate changes. To register to receive these updates by email please email


15th November 2019Regulated Product List for Botswana Expanded from 1st January 2020
6th October 2011Intertek Accredited by Botswana Bureau of Standards to issue Certificates of Conformity for products regulated within the provisions of the Standards Import Inspections Regulations (SIIR).


27th October 2021Regulated Product List for Cameroon Extended 
20th January 2020Regulated Product List for Cameroon revised.


26th April 2023Regulatory Update for Exports of Perfume to Egypt - New Version of Egyptian Perfumery Liquids Standard
8th February 2023Halal Certificate no longer a mandatory document for CoI issuance
26th January 2023Acid Number for Air Shipments Postponed
19th December 2022     Exporting Food to Egypt - Intertek can now issue Certification for exports from more than 70 countries
29th September 2022     Important Regulatory Update on Regulated Product List and ACID Number
22nd August 2022Exporting Food to Egypt - Intertek approved by NFSA to Certify additional Regulated Products from more than 40 Countries of Supply
28th July 2022Update to Regulated Product List
20th June 2022ACID number soon to be mandatory for Air Shipments to Egypt
6th April 2022     Regulated Product List Updated from May 2022
27th July 2021Mandatory requirement of Advanced Cargo Identification (ACID) number and other details in Shipment Documents
29th June 2021Exporting Food - Intertek approved by NFSA to Certify additional Regulated Products
9th April 2021Temporary ban on imports of Ceramic in Egypt has been lifted.
9th July 2012Update to mandatory export packaging markings for regulated productsunder Egypt Ministerial Decrees 660 and 626.
20th March 2012Intertek is registered and approved by GOIEC to issue the Certificate of Inspection for Exports to Egypt.


25th September 2020AGANOR to implement mandatory certification for newly added Regulated Products from 1st January 2021
2nd June 2015Government of Gabon implements Conformity Assessment programme from 1st August 2015



28th May 2019Exports of Ceramic Tiles require a TIR for Customs clearance from 18th July  
1st November 2018Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Regulation for Direct Expansion Air Conditioners in Kuwait  
15th August 2017Reminder from August 1st 2017 Importation of Incandescent and Halogen Lamps in Kuwait was Banned.  
27th February 2017Update to Kuwait G-Mark Technical Regulations for Toys and Low Voltage Electrical Products  


23rd January 2023Exporting/Importing for Morocco - Updated to Regulated Products for CAD


12th August 2016SON issues notification of the indefinite closure of the Electronic Provisional Certificate Clearance


2nd November 2022     Exporting Food Products to Qatar for FIFA 2022 – Ministry of Public Health appoints Intertek to issue CoC
29th July 2014Expansion of Electrical Products Requiring CoC
21st July 2014Important Regulatory Update for Exports of Cosmetics


30th July 2021Exporting/Importing to the Eurasian Economic Union –EAC Certificates and Declarations will require a Global Location Number
2nd February 2015New Technical Requirements and EAC Mark of Conformity for Exports of Machinery to Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus
2nd February 2015New Technical Requirement and EAC Mark of Conformity for Exports of Consumer Goods to Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus

Saudi Arabia

9th August 2023 Standardisation of charging ports for all electronic devices to USB-C connectors 
16th June 2023 Saudi Arabia - Changes in the application process for Energy Efficiency 
9th June 2023Mandatory requirement of SIRC and EE Registration for Lighting accessories 
30th May 2023 New SFDA Guideline on the requirements for designation of Conformity Assessment Bodies 
25th May 2023Revised restrictions for Methyl N-Methylanthranilate (MNM) use in Cosmetic products 
24th May 2023Change in the regulatory status of some KSA Customs Tariff Codes 
16th May 2023Revised limits of Azelaic Acid in Cosmetic products 
9th May 2023Additional products now require the mandatory approved Importer declaration form 
6th April 2023New Energy Efficiency and Water Rationalization Standard for Electric Dishwashers 
30th March 2023     Regulatory Update on Portable Laser Pointers 
16th March 2023Exporting/Importing Cosmetic Products to Saudi Arabia -  Launch of Unified Electronic System (GHAD) to replace eCosma 
3rd March 2023     Updated Energy Efficiency Standards for Low-Capacity Air Conditioners and Street Lighting 
17th November 2022     Update on Product Images for upload to SABER 
31st October 2022     Enforcement timelines of recently published Technical Regulations 
19th October 2022     Regulatory Update for Exports of some Electrical Appliances 
22nd September 2022Exporting Food to Saudi Arabia - FASEH mandatory 1st November 2022 
25th August 2022     Update to SASO RoHS requirements for Electrical Products 
22nd July 2022Update on mandatory requirement of Product Images and validity of S-CoCs in SABER 
29th June 2022Mandatory Requirement of Importer Declaration Form 
16th March 2022Updated Energy Efficiency Standard for Low-Capacity Air Conditioners 
7th December 2021 Enforcement of new Standards for Electrical Appliances from 21st Feb 2022 
15th November 2021 SFDA’s Requirement on Mandatory Compliance to Technical Regulation SFDA.FD 783 for Instant Coffee 
28th September 2021 Expansion of Regulated Products for Exports of Food to Saudi Arabia 
3rd September 2021Updated Energy Efficiency Standard SASO 2663/2021 version for Low Capacity Air Conditioners 
3rd September 2021Enforcement of newly published Technical Regulation for Paper and Cardboard 
18th August 2021SASO IECEE/IECEx Recognition Certificate (SIRC) update 
10th August 2021Update on Banned, Restricted and Approved Refrigerants 
3rd August 2021Enforcement of newly published Technical Regulations from 5th January 2022 
29th June 2021Enforcement of newly published Technical Regulation from 21st Nov 2021 
20th May 2021SFDA update requirements for Nutritional Labelling and expansion of Certification of Fresh Produce. 
19th May 2021Enforcement of newly published Technical Regulations from 27th May 2021 
15th March 2021SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate (SIRC) update 
22nd February 2021Transition of Standards SASO IEC 60950-1 and SASO IEC 60065 to SASO IEC 62368-1 
28th September 2020SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate (SIRC) update 2020 
27th August 2020Water Rationalization Label Update 
31st March 2020Automatic Extension of P-CoC Validity 
18th September 2019Additional products to be registered within SABER - 1st November 2019
24th June 2019Additional products to be registered within SABER - 1st August 2019
20th June 2019SASO Quality Mark required for Ceramics
17th June 2019SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate (SIRC) update
27th December 2018SASO implements SALEEM programme
4th December 2018 Enforcement of Stage 2 of the SASO Technical Regulation for Degradable Plastic Products.
13th November 2018Update of EER Requirements for Exports of Lighting Products.
11th June 2018Update on eCOSMA notification listing and Warehouse Licence Number for Cosmetics and Perfume products
21st February 2018G Mark now Enforced for Exports of Electricals and Toys
9th February 2018Exporting Electrical Products to Saudi Arabia -  SASO Recognition Certificate now required.
23rd January 2018 New Standard for Energy Performance, Water Consumption and Labelling for Washing Machines
26th July 2017Enforcement of SASO Technical Regulation for Degradable Plastic Products
17th July 2017Enforcement of EER for Exports of Large Capacity Air Conditioners
15th February 2017Update to Product Labeling and CoO Marking
11th October 2016GSO Standards Update for Exports of Cosmetics
6th September 2016Stage 2 Update to Energy Efficiency Requirements for Electric Motors
9th August 2016     SASO Standard 2203:2015 for Plugs and Sockets implemented with immediate effect.
4th July 2016 Revision on requirements for Plugs and Sockets
4th July 2016Update to Flush Capacity Requirements for Water Closets
22nd March 2016Update on requirements for Plugs and Sockets
5th February 2016Update on Energy Efficiency Requirements for Lamps
5th February 2016Update on Energy Efficiency Requirements for Electric Motors
26th August 2015Important Update on Energy Efficiency Requirements
21st July 2014Important Regulatory Update for Cosmetics to Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates

20th October 2022     Regulatory Update for Exports of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products to the UAE
29th January 2013Changes to Plug Requirements for Exports to the UAE


29th November 2022     Update to Shelf-Life requirements for Uganda PVoC
24th June 2016Update to Regulated Product List and Fees