HVACR Certification & Equipment Testing

Get HVACR products to market faster and more confidently with the Total Quality Assurance leader in HVACR Certification and Testing

Market requirements for HVACR equipment are evolving quickly, including standards for safety, energy efficiency, performance, chemicals, IoT and more. To ensure the most efficient path to product success, manufacturers and stakeholders around the world turn to Intertek for the most up-to-date regulatory information and for all of their Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Certification needs.

Path to HVAC Certification Through January 2024

Industry associations such as AHRI and AHAM rely on us for our commitment to customer service, expertise, and quality testing. Get your products tested and certified for the markets you need to reach with the turnaround time you expect from a trusted partner.

Performance Testing
Leverage our diverse array of testing capabilities to validate internal testing and verify compliance to industry specifications

Safety Testing
Our labs and experts can test to virtually any domestic or international safety standards, including UL 1995 and UL 60335-2-40 and UL 60335-2-89 for HVACR Certification

Refrigerants / Lubricants / Chemicals Testing
Minimize costly business interruptions with refrigerant, lubricant or materials compatibility testing

Test Facility Build and Design Services
Take the risk out of facility design and HVAC test equipment; work with the experts on building world-class HVACR testing facilities and operations

EMC Testing
Verify product compliance to regional and international electromagnetic emissions and immunity requirements, including the latest Radio and IoT requirements for connected devices

Association Testing Programs
No one has more experience testing to HVACR association requirements; we’ll provide the accurate testing data you need to obtain association certifications

Auditing and Systems Certification


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