Meet the rigorous safety testing requirements for HVAC equipment with pressure testing along with cyclic testing to help improve the performance of your products

As manufacturers of HVACR equipment are now required to use a more ozone friendly refrigerant (R-410A), Cyclic and Safety testing requirements have become increasingly rigorous due to HVAC equipment needing to operate at significantly higher pressure levels. While low pressure Hydrostatic testing could be performed in a few days, Cyclic can take up to a month. At Intertek, we can significantly reduce time to market for your products by testing your HVACR equipment components simultaneously while the system is already set up.

Partner with Intertek and let us help you plan ahead, save on design costs and avoid premature system failures. Intertek can assist in determining the optimum coil design that will withstand the required pressure thresholds, conduct testing to help improve the performance of your products and avoid costly recalls.

Our complete testing programs, from design, to safety and ongoing performance testing are geared towards helping manufacturers reduce cost, and design safe, energy efficient HVACR equipment. Our testing services include:

  • Cyclic Testing
  • Complete Safety Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Materials Compatibility Testing
  • Compressor Testing
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