Gain Fast, Efficient Compliance to Regulatory Requirements Around The World with Safety Testing for HVACR Equipment

Getting your product to market quickly is essential. At Intertek, we are committed to helping you clear a path for your electrical safety certification whether you need an ETL Mark to compliance in North America or CE Marking or other certifications for markets around the world. By certifying your HVACR equipment with the ETL Listed Mark, you are receiving one of the industry’s most trusted and recognized electrical safety certifications.

Change is underway in the HVACR industry, with electrical safety standards such as UL 1995 giving way to UL 60335-2-40 (and the harmonized IEC and CSA versions of the standard). Let our experts guide you to the most efficient path to compliance – both for today and for the long-term.

UL 1995 Testing and Certification
UL 1995 has been around for nearly 30 years, and it’ll be valid until Nov 30, 2022 if you still require certification to this particular standard. We can help with immediate needs.

UL 60335-2-40 Testing and Certification
The future of HVACR regulatory compliance is the more rigorous 60335-2-40 standard and it’s available today; we’ll guide you through the transition to ensure market access.

UL 60335-2-89 for Commercial Refrigeration
To harmonize with IEC 60335-2-89, UL and CSA are retiring previously used standards for commercial refrigeration appliances and icemakers, to replace them with North America specific 60335-2-89 standards of their own. This transition goes into effect on September 29 2024.

Field Labeling
Fast and cost-effective solutions to secure approvals of local or state inspectors for unlabeled equipment.

Hazardous Areas Testing & Certification
Interested in bringing your HVACR product to the multi-billion dollar hazardous areas industry? Download a copy of our Explosive Atmospheres Guide to Equipment Certification Requirements.

Data Acceptance Program (Satellite TM) – On-Site Witness Testing
Conduct testing in your own labs, on your own schedule, and obtain our market-leading certifications for your products.

Global Market Access
Intertek makes it possible for you to take your HVACR equipment into virtually any market around the world, faster than the competition.

Our Global Certifications for Electrical Safety include:

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