Intertek's tailored solutions enable retailers, brands and manufacturers of textile products, apparel and home textiles to ensure the safety, quality and performance of their products with precision, resulting in increased speed to market.

Intertek performs textile testing on items ranging from fabric samples to finished products, including protective apparelactivewear, apparel for children and adults (pajamas, sweaters, jeans, outerwear), fashion accessories (scarves, belts), soft home furnishings (bedding, curtains, upholstery) and medical textiles. We help our customers go beyond regulatory requirements to consistently meet consumer demand for high quality, minimize reputational risk, reduce environmental impacts and protect the interests of retailers, brands, textile manufacturers and consumer safety.

We offer textile and apparel inspection services per Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL), pre-, during and post-production to assure product quality by identifying defects and deviations, checking workmanship, verifying safety properties and loading paperwork. In addition, Intertek’s textile certification services help retailers demonstrate due diligence through supplier certification.

Intertek also supports textile and apparel customers through our textile auditing services to assess manufacturing facilities. Textile and apparel auditing is an integral step to verify manufacturers’ portfolio and capabilities, compliance to standards and regulations.

Intertek’s textile and apparel industry services helps retailers, brands and manufacturers uphold quality and safety while ensuring consumer confidence and brand loyalty.

In addition to testing for Textiles & Apparel, Intertek helps clients build, maintain, and protect their brands through supply chain assurance and advisory services that go above and beyond regulatory compliance, as part of our commitment to providing Total Quality Assurance.

Respiratory Protection & Face Mask Testing
As a leading provider of respiratory protection device testing, Intertek can assist you with testing requirements and pre-certifications, helping you get your product to market quickly.

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Intertek Mask Label Program

Intertek has developed an innovative Mask Label Program to support our customers in communicating the verified quality and performance attributes of mask products to their constituents through a trusted tool.

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A hand holding a mobile phone displaying the Intertek RSL app

RSL Mobile App

Access information about chemical regulatory requirements and hazardous substance restrictions for the apparel and footwear industry from wherever you are. Intertek’s RSL for Textiles & Footwear app provides on-the-go assurance that your products to comply with various regional regulatory requirements, like US CPSIA, Health Canada, EU REACH, EU POP as well as your own chemical management program.

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