Today’s consumers demand that goods not only be manufactured to meet quality and safety requirements, but be sourced and manufactured using sustainable practices that do not adversely impact people or the environment.

In order to achieve this, manufacturers and retailers need to identify, measure and reduce the environmental impacts of all their business activities, including products, packaging, supply chain and the organization.

To help our customers implement a comprehensive approach, Intertek offers a range of environmental impact solutions that include:

Instant LCA™ Software – Intertek offers web based software developed to perform instantaneous LCA assessments of products, enable eco-design and assist in eco-labeling. Instant LCA Software™ enables non-experts to compare the environmental impacts of products by manipulating key parameters that significantly alter the environmental footprint of a product. Presented in an easy to use interface, the Instant LCA Software™ allows users to utilize LCA data to inform smarter product design. Instant LCA Textile™ and Instant LCA Packaging™  are currently available on the market.

Environmental Chemical Management – Intertek offers a comprehensive chemical management program based on 3 key elements: people, product, and supply chain. Intertek’s chemical management program includes training and capacity building, assessing and mitigating chemical risks through Chemical Inventory Assessment, effluent testing, product safety regulation testing such as Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH), Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and Restricted Substances Lists (RSL), and Intertek Chemical Certification to make sure chemicals used in manufacturing do not contain hazardous substances.*

Environmental Claim Verification Intertek’s Green Leaf Mark for Consumer Goods can be licensed by customers to communicate the environmental impacts and benefits of their products and processes. Intertek provides substantiation of environmental claims to enable customers to make validated claims that comply with global marketing guidelines. For instance, Intertek’s Recycled Content Verification program is used to ensure that products claiming to contain post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content are making accurate and verifiable claims.

Think Green Initiative (TGI) – Intertek’s comprehensive supplier assessment and capacity building solutionhelps to demonstrate environmental commitment and governance across your supply chain. TGI will help bring operational benefits such as decreased environmental footprint, reduced operational costs, improved efficiencies and increased business opportunities.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions – Intertek provides packaging evaluation to ensure your packaging offers adequate protection while meeting regulatory requirements. We also conduct packaging redesign assessments to improve functional attributes to reduce not only product defects, but also the amount of packaging used, which in turn helps to lower transportation costs as well as environmental impacts.

Our global network of locations in over 100 countries is fully equipped and capable of supporting you in identifying, measuring and reducing the environmental impact of your products, your packaging and your supply chain.  

We are proficient in delivering solutions that provide immediate environmental benefits, cost savings opportunities and enable our customers to bring more confidence on the marketplace about the products they sell.

*This particular service is not offered in North America

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