Get your connected devices and products to market quickly with Wireless Certification, Testing and Assurance solutions for safety/security, quality, and performance

Meet mobile operator, industry and regulatory requirements, protect your brand, optimize revenue, and build customer loyalty.

Our market-leading solutions provide testing scalability and a set of flexible and mobile-oriented Quality Assurance (QA) services, including regulatory, safety, interoperability and protocol and performance testing. We have expertise in testing smartphones, feature phones, wireless routers, hotspots, tablets, laptops, network-enabled devices, and IoT (M2M) devices for "smart city", transportation, healthcare, metering and other applications.

Our client-focused team will engage you to gain an understanding of your worldview so that we can adapt to your needs. We have used our unique experience to create a certification process that adapts to your development processes and timelines while ensuring a successful outcome. We work with your team to integrate testing and certification into the development process instead of bolting them on.

5G or 5th Generation offers faster speeds, lower latencies and more efficient connectivity than 4G LTE
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Wireless Certifications

Cellular Network Access

Connect your device to networks through PTCRB, GCF, CTIA and Operator Specific Program testing.

Short Range Device Testing

Providing assurance for safety and performance for short range technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RF.

Cybersecurity Certification and Testing Services

We serve as your partner in simplifying and streamlining your product's cybersecurity certifications. From Common Criteria, FIPS 140, IEC 62443, ETSI/EN 303645, ANSI/UL 2900 and more, your product is our priority.

Regulatory Requirements for Wireless Network Technology

Intertek is a leading provider of Certification for Wireless Network Technology offering pre-certification testing to all applicable Regulatory Requirements.

Wireless Solutions by Industries

Handset Performance Testing

Solutions for manufacturers of handsets and mobile devices.

IoT Device Certification

Intertek offers a range of services for the connectivity of your IoT device.

IoT Module Certification

Get your module verification and approvals on the fast track.

Chipset Testing & Certification

Understand the challenges encountered with chipsets and IoT validations.

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