Intertek’s consumer product focused cybersecurity testing, certification and assurance program

Cybersecurity is a new risk category for consumer products that emerges as soon as a product is connected directly, or indirectly to the internet. This creates risks for privacy and safety of IoT Products.

For most consumer products, there is no IoT security test performed at all, leading to products filled with basic, easy to exploit flaws. And even for products which have been tested, the constant discovery of new vulnerabilities means products passing as secure only a few weeks previously may now be vulnerable.

And with no certification marks available, consumers have no reassurance over the security of connected products.

Intertek’s Cyber Assured program helps manufacturers and brands meet this challenge by providing comprehensive, risk-appropriate, IoT security testing for connected consumer products, continuous vulnerability monitoring, a certification mark and an external website.

Key features:

Real Time Vulnerability Monitoring:
Vulnerabilities are constantly being uncovered, including in software on sale for years. Cyber Assured’s unique monitoring and update process gives clients in the information needed to ‘patch’ products to maintain security.

Comprehensive Security Testing Covering the 3 corners of IoT Products:
the device, the app and cloud can all present vulnerabilities. Intertek’s approach ensures full coverage. Testing just the device, for example, can leave easy to exploit vulnerabilities with the app.

Consumer Reassurance and Brand Advantage:
consumers are increasingly concerned about product security. Intertek’s robust testing and certification program give consumers confidence that a client’s product is secure, giving a significant sales advantage to products bearing the mark.

Helping meet Regulatory Requirements:
in the USA, regulations in California & Oregon in force from January 2020 require products to have a ‘reasonable’ level of cybersecurity. ‘Reasonable’ is not well defined, but Cyber Assured’s comprehensive program gives products a strong claim to have achieved a good level of security.

Aligns with ETSI EN 303 645:
ETSI EN 303 645 is the first globally applicable cybersecurity standard for consumer IoT products and Cyber Assured fully aligns with this standard helping to meet the industry baselines for cybersecurity.

Cellular Test Capability:
Intertek’s cybersecurity testing capabilities includes specialized procedures for testing and certifying IoT devices that communicate over cellular networks.

Monitoring Device Security through Cyber Portal:
The cyber portal allows you to monitor IoT SBOMs, all in one convenient place. Download reports, monitor and analyze results, receive alerts, and track changes to SBOMs as products are patched.



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