Develop and launch secure products with our Consumer Product Focused Cybersecurity Testing and Certification Program

Connectivity and the IoT are transforming consumer products. From connected fridges to smart door locks, interactive toys to IP connected burglar alarms, products of every type are joining the IoT. These products are simplifying daily life for consumers around the world, can creating more exciting, engaging and useful products than ever before. The benefits to consumers and society are vast, and as the revolution gathers pace, connectivity in consumer products is moving from a brand differentiator, to a consumer expectation.

However, the associated risks are significant, from privacy risks and spying, through to unauthorized entry to an individual’s home. Manufacturers and retailers face both the risk of brand damage, liability to consumers and regulatory intervention in regions such as California (SB327), or GDPR in the EU.

Intertek’s services help brands and retailers launch products intended to use in domestic environments, which help them harness the huge benefits of connectivity whilst mitigating the risks. Building on the many decades Intertek has spent working with global manufacturers to meet regulators’ requirements in markets around the world, with a focus on technical excellence and rapid service delivery, Intertek Connected World offers a range of cybersecurity services, including our customized, consumer product focused cybersecurity test and certification program, Cyber Assured. This program is risk appropriate to consumer products, and with its continuous vulnerability program, gives assurance to consumers over the product’s security, long after testing has been completed.

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and Certification Program for Consumer Products

Intertek offers the complete range of testing, certification and assurance services to launch a successful Consumer IoT products:


Cyber Assured: Intertek’s Consumer product Cybersecurity test and certification program is specially tailored to risk level, and cost requirements of the consumer product sector. Learn more


Enabling Cellular and short-range network access: to give the consumer IoT product greatest flexibility, and ‘roam free’ from Wi-Fi hotspots many IoT manufacturers are using cellular technologies such as NB IoT and 5G. Learn more


Products containing radios (cellular or short range (ie Bluetooth), must undergo EMC testing to enable market access. Products used close to the human body may need SAR testing and certification. Learn more

Performance & Interoperability

To achieve commercial success, on top of safety and security requirements, products must interact seamlessly, with a wide diversity of other connected devices in the domestic environment. Intertek’s interoperability services ensure your product can thrive in consumers’ IoT ecosystems. Learn more

Other Services

Intertek offers additional services for consumer products such as: Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Children’s Products, Alarms, Detectors & Controls and more, helping meet the needs for global market access.

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