Intertek Government and Trade Services rely on extensive experience in facilitating trade, to develop and deliver new Total Quality Assured services for governments, customs, authorities and standards organisations.

These services facilitate international trade through compliance of import and exports with regulatory requirements.

Our services generate revenue through customs duty, improve efficiency, enhance security of the supply chain and ensure best practice of the international trade process.

Examples of innovative services we offer in trade facilitation:

Single Window

Single Window is an integrated web portal that offers a completely interactive experience to the end user.  Allowing a holistic experience to all those involved in the trading process to store documentation in a single framework.

The Single Window allows carriers, shipping agents, clearing agents, importers and consolidators to post their shipment manifests and follow the customs clearance process through a secure web-based portal.

Supply Chain Security Services

Intertek offers supply chain security services to governments, airports, customs organisations, port authorities and businesses for protection from all potential supply chain security risks.

Our supply chain security services include

  • Security Auditing
  • Security Consultancy
  • Training and Development Services

Conformity Assessment Programmes

Intertek Conformity Assessment Programmes ensure that products are fully tested in accredited laboratories and a certificate of conformity (CoC) issued before they are shipped to the clients country. Tests are carried accordingly to national or international standards.

Intertek's global coverage offers wider insight and a local presence with a network of over 1000 offices and laboratories. This presence means that we can operate Conformity Assessment Programmes for Governments covering an extensive range of products.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Programmes

Intertek provides pre-shipment inspection services to governments as a means of protecting import revenues for themselves and their citizens. Governments implement PSI programmes to ensure that imports comply with their regulations and the correct customs duty is received.

Iraq Programme Update

Intertek will continue issuing Certificates of Conformity for Iraq exports until March 1, 2023. After that date, COSQC will announce new issuing companies, and Intertek will confirm its support for global trade.

GTS Certification Body Complaints and Appeals Process

Intertek is committed to a fair and transparent Complaints and Appeals process regarding our certifications. If you would like to learn more about this process, or to initiate an appeal to our Certification Body, please visit this page to get started.

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FastTek is a customised global trade solution that provides expedited certification to get trade moving faster.

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