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20 Nov 2023
Intertek Government and Trade Services sign Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Kyrgyzstan.

Supporting improvement in quality and competitiveness of products

15 Nov 2023
Important Regulatory Update on Cosmetic and Perfumery Products for Egypt

Regulatory Update for Exports of Cosmetics and Perfume to Egypt

13 Nov 2023
Update to Regulated Product List for Tanzania

Additional products now require the mandatory Certificate of Conformity

06 Nov 2023
Technical Regulation for Stand-by and Sleep Mode Electric Power Consumption

Revised enforcement date for the technical regulation of Stand-by and Sleep Mode power consumption

31 Oct 2023
Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Standards and Regulation

Exporting Electrical products to Ghana – Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Standards and Regulation

27 Oct 2023
Update to Certification Requirements for Qatar Food

Exporting Food Products to Qatar – Ministry of Public Health updates Certification requirements for some imported foodstuffs from specified countries of export

23 Oct 2023
Mozambique CAP Implementation 1st November 2023

Intertek has signed an exclusive contract with INNOQ Mozambique to issue Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) for imported regulated products from any country

12 Oct 2023
Regulatory Update on Egyptian Standards

Exporting/Importing to Egypt: Important Regulatory Update on Egyptian Standards

02 Oct 2023
List of Substances Prohibited in Cosmetic Products

Update to SFDA Annex II - List of Substances Prohibited in Cosmetic Products

09 Aug 2023
Standardisation of charging ports for all electronic devices to USB-C connectors

Manufacturers and exporters of electronic products to Saudi Arabia should be aware of new USB-C connector standards announced by SASO and CST,

16 Jun 2023
Changes in the application process for Energy Efficiency

Manufacturers and exporters to Saudi Arabia are advised of SASO's new process for obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates and Labels

09 Jun 2023
Mandatory Requirement of SIRC and EE Registration for Lighting Accessories

Manufacturers and exporters to Saudi Arabia are reminded of the mandatory SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate and Energy Efficiency registration requirements for lighting accessories

30 May 2023
New SFDA Guideline on the requirements for designation of Conformity Assessment Bodies

SFDA has issued guidelines for Conformity Assessment Bodies certifying food and cosmetic products in Saudi Arabia

25 May 2023
Revised Restrictions for Methyl N-Methylanthranilate (MNM) Use in Cosmetic products

Important notice for those involved in cosmetics and perfumery product trade with Saudi Arabia

24 May 2023
Change in the Regulatory Status of Some KSA Customs Tariff Codes

Manufacturers and exporters to Saudi Arabia should note that certain KSA Customs Tariff Codes will transition from non-regulated to regulated products effective from June 1, 2023