23 Oct 2020

Exporting/Importing to Saudi Arabia – Intertek authorised by SASO to facilitate Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) Licence Service

The Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) is a conformity mark owned by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO). It is conferred on products manufactured in a facility that has a robust and effective Management System to ensure continuous compliance to Saudi Standards.

The process to obtain and maintain the SQM Licence involves evaluation of the product’s compliance to the Saudi Technical Regulations, SASO Standards requirements and initial and periodic audits of the production facility to evaluate the Manufacturer’s production process and quality system. The validity of the SQM Licence is 3 years.

SASO has made it mandatory for the following products to have the SQM prior to their export to the KSA market:

  • Power Extension Cord Sets
  • Gas Appliances and accessories
  • Cement
  • Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles
  • Reinforcement Iron & Steel Rods
  • Iron and Steel Plates
  • Aluminum Composite Panels

From February 2021, Stand-alone Plugs and Socket Outlets including Switches will also be required to have the Saudi Quality Mark.

Manufacturers who wish to export their products to KSA that require the mandatory SQM are obligated to register their Establishment and apply for the SQM through SASO’s JEEM portal. SASO then transfers the request to one of their authorised bodies for carrying out the evaluation process and provides their recommendations for granting the SQM Licence.

SASO has authorised Intertek to accept and process SQM applications related to products requiring the Saudi Quality Mark. Upon completion of registration and application on SASO’s JEEM portal. Applicants are requested to submit the SQM Application request generated on the JEEM platform along with its system-generated file reference number to the nearest Intertek Office in their region so that the application can be processed further.

With the introduction of this new service, Intertek can support continued access for your products to the KSA market.

Our Intertek team is here to help you and your organisation understand and apply the requirements for obtaining the SQM Licence for your products.

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