Market Access to the UAE through ECAS and Emirates Quality Mark (EQM)

Exporters/Importers trading with the United Arab Emirates need to comply with the requirements of the UAE Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) for their goods to clear UAE Customs and for placing the products in the UAE Marketplace.

The ECAS prescribes requirements for quality and safety for regulated products including Cosmetics, Perfumery, and Personal Care Products Electrical, Electronic, and Gas Appliances, Machinery, Automotive, Building and Construction, and Food designated for consumer use. The ECAS certificate is proof that the product has been approved by the UAE Federal Government through MOIAT.

The EQM is a full assessment scheme and quality mark licensing program implemented by MOIAT. The EQM is an approved mark of quality issued for products that can demonstrate compliance to the relevant UAE technical regulations and standards, regional and/or international standards, and are manufactured by an organization implementing a Quality Management System ensuring continuous compliance.

Intertek has been appointed in the UAE as a Notified Body for Low Voltage Equipment (LVE), Energy Efficiency Standards Labelling (EESL), lighting regulation, regulation for restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) and equipment used in explosive atmospheres (ECAS Ex), Cosmetics, Perfumery and Personal Care Products (TR UAE GSO 1943) and is authorised to issue the mandatory Certificate of Conformity and/or Quality Mark on behalf of MOIAT.

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Exporters, importers, and traders wishing to place products in the markets in which programmes are in place must have the necessary certification to clear Customs. This overview will explain the basics of what you need to know.
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