Exports of second-hand capital machinery to Bangladesh may require an Inspection Certificate for Customs clearance

When exporting second-hand capital machinery to Bangladesh, you may be required to obtain an Inspection Certificate, prior to shipment for Letter of Credit negotiation. If your shipments are subject to this clause Intertek is approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to carry out the necessary 3rd party inspection for Customs clearance to check quantity, visual quality, packing, and marking against a purchase order or proforma invoice and related letter of credit.

Without this inspection certificate exporters to Bangladesh of these products will face delays in clearance upon arrival in Bangladesh and be subject to post-landing inspection and certification requiring approval from the Ministry of Commerce Importers will not be able to clear the goods without these certificates as stated in the Import Policy Order 2021-2024 (SRO No.92-Ain/2022, dated 20/04/2022).

Items for Mandatory Inspection and Certificate Include:

Products Certification
Second hand or reconditioned capital machinery, Generators, Generator sets 10 Years Longevity Certificate
Prime Rover, Dump Truck, Dumper, Mixer Lorry, Self-loader, Hydraulic Crane 10 Years Longevity Certificate
Old or reconditioned Gearbox, Bus, Truck, Car or Microbus engines 7 Years Longevity Certificate
Second hand motor vehicle/motor cycle Age Certificate
Used Motor Vehicles Spare Parts Quality Certificate
Brake Acrylic Toxic Certificate
Chemical Fertilizer Certificate confirming the specification of the fertilizer as per Ministry of Agriculture
Coal/Hard Coke Certificate Quality, Quantity, Standard and Sulfur Contents (less than 3%)
MS Billet Prime Quality Certificate
Boiler Quality Certificate

How to Obtain the Inspection Certificate

  • The inspection certificate can be requested by either the exporter or the importer. Intertek will arrange the inspection through its global network based on the location of the shipment.
  • After successful inspection and verification of relevant documents, a certificate will be issued and delivered to the exporter or importer as agreed.

An Intertek inspection provides you with the confidence that products conform to safety requirements and to your standards, minimises the number of defective goods and short shipments as well as ensuring contractual specifications as per purchase orders and letters of credit are met.

Our range of Export and Import Services have been specifically developed for clients who need reassurance and assistance in exporting or importing quality assured goods worldwide.

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