Exports of Used Vehicles to Saudi Arabia require a Certificate of Inspection for Customs Clearance

Intertek is accredited by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) to support its Used Vehicle Conformity Programme for exports to the Kingdom.

The programme verifies the conformity of Used Vehicles in the respective exporting countries through a quality inspection prior to shipment. This ensures the vehicles comply with the Technical Regulations applicable assuring Saudi citizens of the quality and reliability of the used vehicles they are purchasing.

Exporters of Used Vehicles to Saudi Arabia are required to provide a Certificate of Inspection for Customs clearance in accordance with Government regulation. This certificate can only be obtained from an Approved Inspection Body such as Intertek and issued through the SABER platform

Intertek is also approved by the Saudi Foodand Drug Authority (SFDA) for the Food Consignment Certification Programme, Cosmetics and Perfumery Product Certification Programmes.

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