Exporting Cosmetics and Perfumes to Saudi Arabia - a Certificate of Conformity is mandatory for Customs clearance

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has appointed Intertek to provide Conformity Assessment Services for exports of these products to the Kingdom. Intertek is authorised to issue the mandatory Certificate of Conformity, also referred to as SASO Certificate, which is required for Customs Clearance.

Products shall demonstrate full compliance to SFDA requirements: compliance with GSO 1943, GHAD-FASEH registration and certification, tamper-proof packaging for intimate and oral hygiene products, and specific labeling for vials and ampoules.

Intertek does not provide consulting services for certification. Any consulting activities provided by Intertek are separate and independent from certification activities.

Intertek has supported the Saudi Arabian programme for over twenty-five years, issuing more than 2 million certificates for Conformity Assessment Programmes worldwide.

The SFDA CPPC is a product conformity assessment scheme with the main objective of ensuring that Cosmetic and Perfumery products imported to the KSA comply with the requirements mandated by SFDA. Have all your questions answered in the Saudi Cosmetics Programme FAQ.
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Cosmetics Certification Programmes FAQ

Health and Beauty products have specific and different requirements depending on the country of import. Intertek can help you bring the quality and safety of your goods to life for consumers in the Middle East and Africa.

Exporting Cosmetics and Perfumes to Saudi Arabia?

View our short 15-minute on-demand webinar about the new SFDA FASEH Portal for exports of cosmetics and perfumes as of 3rd October 2021.

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