11 Oct 2016

Exporters of Cosmetics to Saudi Arabia: Important Update to GSO Standards

GSO 1943/2016 – Update  

  • This new version implies, among other things, some changes in labeling such as the declaration of nanomaterials, the name of the product in Arabic (in addition to product function), and also the amendment of the annexes according to EU 1223/2009. 

The 2016 version is not yet enforced. Its enforcement and grace period will be announced through a circular once approved by SFDA. 

GSO 2528/2016 Cosmetic Claims - New   

  • The new regulation is in line with EU common criteria but also includes a list of unacceptable claims 

Both standards can be purchased online on the GSO website. 

Reminder: SFDA eCosma Notification System for Cosmetic Products

Since 2015, eCosma product listing has gradually become compulsory, depending on the product category.

From October 1st 2016, all cosmetic and perfumery products have now become subject to mandatory notification.

Please be reminded that notification numbers must be provided for Certificate of Conformity issuance.

Intertek continues to be able to help you understand the latest market access regulations in Saudi Arabia and has issued more than 2 million certificates and test reports to companies exporting worldwide.

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