Verifying the quality and reliability of overseas suppliers and manufacturers.

At Intertek we are aware of the challenges the global pandemic has had on industries reliant on international supply chains. Particularly with the reduction of international travel and buyers unable to meet and verify potential new overseas suppliers, their supply capacity or their manufacturing processes.

The Intertek solution is to act as your virtual eyes and ears when you are negotiating with new suppliers.

Due to our global reach we can review and verify potential new suppliers wherever they are based at a time when it may be impractical for you to physically visit their premises.

Our industry experience and experts together with Intertek’s “TOTAL QUALITY” commitment provide companies involved in international trade with the assurance they need that suppliers are not only legitimate and meet your due diligence requirements but can also meet your supply demands and produce products to meet your quality and safety specifications.

Supplier Verification

Intertek can carry out several reviews and verifications on new suppliers to give you confidence that you are dealing with well-established and ethical companies. 

  • Legal Entity Review – are they a genuine and legitimate business? We check local authorities such as companies house and chambers of commerce as well as credit checks
  • Trading Entity Review – we check that the trading address is legitimate and in use, trading names and other entities, embargo checks on company and products
  • Anti-Slavery Accreditation Review – SMETA audit for ethical trade, health and safety audit, environmental and business practises review
  • Verify ISO9001 Certification is in place

Supply Verification

  • Supply Chain Capacity verification to assure you that capacity, milestones, timing of production, planning, and work procedures can be met to ensure on-time delivery to you or your end customer.
  • Informing you or the end receiver of any deviations to correct the non-conformity and get back on schedule. 

Manufacturing Review

Our Production Line Inspection Services have been developed for those clients who need eyes and ears on the shop floor to ensure they receive exactly the goods they ordered. 

  • IPC (Initial Production Checks) to check raw materials and components before production begins.
  • DUPRO (During Production Checks) are ideal for shipments of substantial quantities, product lines with continuous production, strict requirements for on-time shipments, and as a follow-up if poor results are found during Pre-Production Inspection.
  • FRI (Final Random Inspections) after production has been completed and all merchandise is ready and packed for shipment to verify product safety, quantity, workmanship, function, colour, size, packing, and more.

Shipping Verification  

  • Intertek can verify all the necessary export documentation, HS codes, and labeling ready for shipment.
  • We can also verify handling and loading procedures before shipment.

Our International Trade Verification and Inspection Services provide Total Quality Assurance in the international supply chain so you can trust that the goods you are trading not only reach their intended market swiftly and efficiently but also meet the quality standards you demand.

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