Humanitarian Aid Shipment Inspections

Intertek offers a comprehensive range of tailor-made advisory and verification services to humanitarian organisations to ensure the accuracy and quality of aid supplies.

With our global network of inspection resources, laboratories, and offices we are able to give you the assurance you need no matter where you are located or where you are sending aid.

Our inspection services have been developed to ensure the quality and quantity of supplies being sent and to guarantee that the right aid is accurately dispatched.

Intertek’s services include:

Pre-delivery Inspection: We visit a manufacturer’s premises and check the quality and quantity, packing, and marking of your order to the required specifications. 

Factory Audit: We help you assess and advise whether a supplier or manufacturer’s capabilities, capacity, and infrastructure are suitable for the quantity and quality of production you expect.

Loading/Unloading supervision: supervision and monitoring of the loading and unloading of containers to ensure goods handling procedures are being adhered to and documentation verified.

Sampling of Goods: To ensure products are produced to the quality that you require.

Chartered Engineering Evaluation: Physical and document inspections to ensure the functional status of equipment, machinery, or vehicles used during the manufacturing process. 

Damages Inspection: If stock is damaged by natural disaster or unforeseen events, we will check and report on the status of the goods.

Inventory Inspection: We undertake inventory checks on existing stock to verify that a supplier’s contractual obligation is being complied with.

Tradeable: Connecting Global Trade

Intertek Tradeable provides a wide range of pre-shipment solutions for international businesses, ensuring shipment validation and on-the-ground support to reduce supply chain risks.

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