Exporting goods to Ethiopia - Intertek has been approved by the Ministry of Trade to issue the mandatory Certificate of Conformity

The Ethiopia Ministry of Trade (MoT) has recently introduced mandatory testing and verification against 124 Compulsory Ethiopian Standards (CES).

Exporters who ship to Ethiopia any of the regulated products listed below, require a Certificate of Conformity pre-shipment and importers will be required to present the original document to Ethiopian Customs for clearance. An electronic copy will be held by the authority for authentication if and when needed.

Intertek is an approved provider of the new certification services imposed by the Ethiopian MoT and can provide exporters and importers with further information on the new standard requirements as well as delivering the necessary testing and certification services.

The list of 124 compulsory standards and regulated products falls into the following categories:

  • Food and food products
  • Chemical products
  • Textile, leather, plastic and rubber
  • Construction materials
  • Electrical & electronics

The full list can be obtained from your local Intertek country office.


The Ethiopia CAP Programme was created to ensure all imported “regulated
products” meet the mandatory security, health and safety requirements as per
the sanctioned Standards and Technical regulations approved by Ethiopian
Standard Agency (ESA).

This FAQ helps explain the programme with easy-to-understand questions and answers.

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Exports to East and West Africa

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