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2023 Year in Review video

Intertek to Acquire Base Met Labs

Intertek Acquires PlayerLync

Intertek Moody

Intertek Moody Promo

Intertek has agreed to acquire Controle Analítico Análises Técnicas Ltda

2022 Year in Review

Intertek to acquire Clean Energy Associates

Intertek Hydrogen

2021 Year in Review

Intertek acquirea JLA Brazil

Intertek to acquire SAI Global Assurance

Intertek DeepView 3D

Intertek WindAware

2020 Year in Review

Carbonomics: The Economics of Net Zero Carbon

Intertek CarbonClear


Intertek High Performance Scheme

Intertek Protek

Intertek acquires Check Safety First (CSF)

Intertek Cyber Assured

The Tipping Point

In conversation with André Lacroix

Born to Make the World Ever Better

Intertek Total Sustainability Assurance launch in London

Our Town - Intertek Minerals

2018 Full Year Results Announcement

2018 Half Year Results Announcement

Intertek to acquire Alchemy

Intertek to acquire NTA Monitor

Government and Trade Services for Importers and Exporters

Government and Trade Services for Cameroon

Government and Trade Services for Governments, Customs & Standards Authorities

Intertek Sustainability

Intertek to Acquire Proasem

Intertek acquires Aldo Abela Surveys (AAS)

2017 Full Year Results Announcement

Intertek enters exclusive agreement with Global Leader in Auto Parts Certification

Intertek acquires Acumen Security

Intertek 2017 Half Year Results

Intertek expands global profile in automotive testing with acquisition of KJ Tech Services

2016 Full Year Results Announcement

Looking Back at Our History

The Total Quality Assurance Opportunity

Intertek 2016 Half Year Results

Intertek 2016 Strategy Update

The Future of Our Industry

Food Services

Petroleum Testing and Inspection

Intertek Qi

Intertek Deer Park Laboratory

Appliances and Consumer Electronics Testing

Lighting Testing

Teddy Bear Testing

Intertek Pharmaceutical Services Manchester Technology Tour

HVAC/R Equipment Testing

Furniture Testing

Health and Beauty Products Testing

NEBS Testing

Intertek Oil, Chemical and Agriculture

Intertek Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Allentown

Intertek Polymers and Plastics, Pittsfield

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing

Solar Panel Testing

Textile Performance Testing

Cargo Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Wind Turbine Testing

Automotive Lighting Video

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing

Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) Testing

Gelbo Flex Testing

Mobile PV Testcenter for Solar Module Testing

Intertek Clinical Research Services

PSI Building and Construction

NDT Services