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Intertek Inlight

Enhance Visibility in Your Supply Chain

Intertek Inlight™ enables organisations to better understand their supply chain risks and protect their brand. The customisable assurance platform utilises supplier data to support global companies who require trusted information about the capabilities and compliance of their supplier partners to identify risks to their organisation.


End-to-end risk management

Inlight delivers risk transparency and visibility into the complex supplier network that drives global economies, facilitating improved processes, responsible sourcing decisions and operational resilience.

Maximise your supply chain resilience.


Inlight Platform

Inlight is a web-based platform which helps you identify, visualise, and manage supply chain risk by leveraging data sourced from your suppliers.

Inlight's Expertise

Our proven supply chain leadership, global footprint and end-to-end risk management approach add value to our client partners' global operations.


Load, map, and cleanse your supplier data including unique attributes and identification of tiers. Engage suppliers with custom and preferred email templates.

Profiling & Prioritization

Assess inherent risk of suppliers leveraging key data points and self-assessment questionnaires (SAQs) to understand, prioritise, and mitigate supply chain risk.


Evaluate suppliers through desktop verification of SAQs, onsite or remote assessments, and 3rd party assurance solutions managed online and through audit grading matrices.

Remediation & Improvement

Mitigate risk through online and offline Corrective Action Plans (CAP). Empower employees and suppliers using either our eLearning platform, Wisetail, or in-person classroom training. Can be linked to individual assessment findings or key compliance topics.

Analytics & Reporting

Leverage in-depth analytics to support communication and disclosure of ESG and Supply Chain Risk programme efforts. Track trending risks, opportunities and identify remediation efforts with a proactive and data-driven approach to managing your supply chain.


Leverage industry-leading insights on data and trends to drive improvement in your supply chain.





Inlight Advantage includes

Access License at Cost

Supply Chain Mapping

Inherent Risk Assessment to World Bank Governance Indicators, United Nations Human Development Index, Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report, and Sustainable Development Report.

Credential Verification Services (if applicable)

Self-Assessment Questionnaires

SAQ Modules: Business Profile, Social, Modern Slavery, Supply Chain Due Diligence, Supply Chain Security, Conflict Minerals, Sustainability, and Environmental

Programme Management

Self-managed Programme

Audit programme management: Integrated with scheduling system, WCA + Business Practices Audit, and CSR Industry Audits (SEDEX, BSCI, etc.)

Online management of corrective action plans (CAP)


Access to Intertek Training Material


Standard system emails


Standard package of reporting analytics



Inlight Custom includes everything in Inlight Advantage, plus

Ability to have custom source embedded for inherent risk assessment in addition to the Advantage offer, or as a standalone

Self-Assessment Questionnaires

Additional SAQ modules at custom design

Programme Management

Outsourced programme management available

Other service providers access for programme management


Integrated training linked to non-compliances

Integrated Intertek Academy Online topic-focused eLearning


Custom system emails


Custom data attributes

Custom reporting and analytics



Inlight Outsource includes everything in Inlight Advantage and Inlight Custom, plus:

Intertek offers Outsourcing solutions to help our clients focus on their day-to-day while outsourcing key supply chain management jobs to experts. We have full time and part time staffing options and people placed in main sourcing hubs around the world. Our expert teams take away subject matter lead work from Procurement Professionals so they can stay focused on their core role.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Inlight solution can help your business visualise, quantify and manage risk in your supply chain.

Inlight provides you with the tools for early-warning detection before supplier risks wreak havoc with your firm’s brand and the ability to meet compliance regulations and the bottom line. The solution is designed to remove manual processes, multiple entry points to the supplier by containing all supplier risk due diligence in one place. As a result, you can build supply chain visibility, transparency and risk profiles on all suppliers, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

The Inlight innovation was built on the belief that Intertek is uniquely positioned to help organisations understand supply chain risks due to its vast compliance network, data, experts and vision for supply chain management. Intertek has the largest compliance auditor network globally, allowing organisations to benefit from having supply chain compliance experts locally work with suppliers to enable them through the process. Not only does this help with having the same language requirements, but also the same time zone, understanding of cultural, legal, and legislation requirements. Using the data from the 100,000 + audits per year allows Intertek to add real time risk analysis on top of the many external data sources we provide. This combined with the feedback from suppliers on how they manage such compliance matters, gives you the ability to assess the likelihood of risk. Additionally, our system was built with technology that allows us to configure your programme in a short time frame eliminating the need for IT involvement. In turn, we are able to onboard your programme and suppliers, allowing you to launch your programme swiftly.

Our dynamic, real-time analytics software and dashboard features with on-demand access, enables you to deep dive on trending risks, opportunities and identify supplier remediation effort based on all data collected through your programmes in Inlight. We believe in providing you with the ability to drill into the details to help make informed decisions for your supply chain. Our analytics help to support communication and disclosure of programme efforts.

Bolstered by Intertek's proven supply chain expertise and services, Inlight is an end-to-end, agnostic, assurance programme solution.

Inlight works with major brands in the following industries currently: Chemicals, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Aviation, Food, Healthcare, IT, Retailers/Brands, Vendors amongst many others. If you have a supply chain, Inlight will make it easier to see your business at a glance and make decisions that reduce risk and save time and money.

Yes. A request for demo viewing is available in 2 ways: 1) by clicking on the Request a Demo button anywhere on the Inlight site and/or 2) by contacting an Inlight Sales Team member.

Please contact an Inlight Sales Team member directly for all information.

Email Sales at

Intertek implements Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) using a need-to-know approach to ensure only those who require access to the data is granted the permissions required to fulfill their roles, and ensure access is revoked on a timely basis in the event of personnel leaving or changing roles.

Protection of customer data is important to Intertek. Intertek implements security at multiple layers of the organisation and technology to ensure the safety of data at all times.

In the unlikely event of a disaster / operational outage impact the Inlight application, the application is switched from the primary operational data centre to the secondary backup data centre ensuring the shortest possible number of outages and minimising operational impacts.

Please contact an Inlight Sales Team member directly for all information and for answers to any other questions regarding Inlight.

Email Sales at



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