The provision of Total Quality Assurance embraces the unique challenges and responsibilities associated with public sector service and infrastructure delivery.

The delivery of public sector services requires a diligent and thorough approach with adherence to stringent regulations, assurance of public safety and the delivery of services to strict standards and schedules.  Intertek’s assurance, testing, inspection, and certification solutions ensure the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of public sector services and infrastructure.
Our services enable the public sector to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk of operations, supply chains and business process.  Working with the public sector we ensure that products and services meet and exceed quality, safety and performance standards.  Our range of inspection services can then validate performance against specification leading to certification of products and services where appropriate.
Intertek’s specialists have extensive experience that enables the public sector to power ahead safely:
Water – Intertek works with public sector water companies, regulators and government to provide robust and endorsed assessment methods that verifies compliance across a broad range of standards and help optimize infrastructure for regulatory performance.
Public buildings – Our independent testing and certification services verify and ensure building products used in the construction of public buildings are safe, reliable and fully compliant with building regulations.  With facilities such as the Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory in 1881, Omega Point Laboratories (OPL), Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI), Professional Services Industries, Inc. (PSI), and the Materials Testing (MT) Group, we are one of the most diverse and comprehensive partners to the building and construction industries.
Power transmission and distribution- With a combination of services ranging from testing, inspection and certification all the way through engineering and environmental advisory, Intertek drives safety, quality and efficiency throughout the entire Transmission and Distribution lifecycle.
Aerospace and defence - Intertek provides a diverse range of aerospace services, supporting all aspects of production and performance: from research and development and quality control to material certification and failure analysis of aerospace and defense equipment.
Rail - Intertek helps to safeguard continuous rail operation and promote the longevity of railway infrastructure.  Our solutions include crude oil rail car inspection and testing, metallurgy consultancy, non-destructive testing, corrosion and failure analysis, rail car integrity programmes and stray current risk assessment and management.
Customs - Intertek’s services facilitate international trade through compliance of import and exports with regulatory requirements.  We offer supply chain security services to governments to protect against all potential supply chain security risks, including cargo scanning and security auditing. 

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