Working at the critical interface where engineering design and asset operation meet environmental constraints

Intertek Metoc

The global energy transition is accelerating, and renewable energy sources will continue to play a critical role in the journey towards net zero. At the same time, industry regulations and environmental constraints are evolving, project risks are escalating, and stakeholder expectations are expanding.  Companies need a trusted technical partner to help them mitigate quality and safety risks, avoid project development delays and reduce operational inefficiencies while navigating regulatory compliance and environmental licensing requirements.

Intertek Metoc’s consultants, scientists, engineers, researchers and project managers work in industries such as wind, wave and tidal energy, subsea cable, water, and oil & gas. Using industry-leading technical and consultancy solutions, we help companies achieve early success in project planning and development by delivering the assessments needed for stakeholder engagement and project viability.

Our solutions, backed by more than forty years of experience and expertise, are designed to build firm foundations for safe, economic and sustainable projects.  We help you secure compliance, reduce costs, manage risks and optimize asset performance throughout the lifecycle of an energy or water project, from feasibility to decommissioning.

Pioneering Energy & Water Solutions – for todays complex and sustainability-focused projects.

  • Subsea Power Cable Project Support
  • Marine Survey & Construction Management
  • Offshore Renewables (wind, wave, tidal)
  • Marine Modelling and Metocean
  • Water Quality Modelling
  • Marine Permitting and Consenting
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Planning
  • Energy Transition Support

Intertek Metoc

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