Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data management are critical to project success by providing effective storage, management and distribution of valuable data.

Our GIS mapping services allow you to visualise and understand data, by identifying relationships, patterns and trends by providing a digital platform for viewing and processing layers of spatial information.  
GIS Services
We offer a unique foundation of modelling, environmental and asset management experience from a wide range of industry sectors which enables us to provide quality solutions to our clients’ problems. This is supported by a proven track record of web and standalone GIS systems for differing operational landscapes and our ability to transfer expertise across sectors.
Intertek continuously develops innovative tools to ensure effective project specific applications.  We work with clients to meet their specific needs.  These tools analyse and relate complex data sets and provide a unique visual experience for clients.  

Data Management
Our experts support you during feasibility and constraints analysis, site selection, data collation and management as well as data interpretation and analysis, data conversion, integration and interoperability and real time monitoring.  
Intertek provides you with a range of products and services to serve your specific needs.  These may include Interactive WebGIS Solutions, document management systems or asset management systems.  

Our Total Quality Assurance experts work with a broad spectrum of data and seamlessly integrate these to provide clients with a coherent picture of their operations.  This includes survey data, monitoring data, modelling data and data from third parties.  

Our GIS mapping and data management services provide consolidation of information and improved understanding of each data set and how it relates to other data within a spatial and temporal context.  Intertek has strict quality assurance protocols and our systems and applications are developed using leading industry standard GIS software with specialists that carry a breadth of expertise in capturing and extracting maximum value from your geo spatial data and provide custom GIS solutions.
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