Our experts use hydrodynamic modelling to predict and evaluate the impact of marine operations on the environment and the impact of the environment on marine operations.

Hydrodynamic modelling is the study of fluids in motion. Fluid motion can be generated by many forces acting alone or in combination.  These include forces generated by tide, wind and waves (i.e. metocean) as well as gradient (e.g. river flow, weirs and dams), turbines (e.g. tidal lagoons and tidal farms ) and masses of fluid meeting (e.g. oceans, rivers, wastewater or cooling water discharges).  Hydrodynamic movement generates forces that act on solid bodies immersed in fluid (e.g. structures, seabed features and land boundaries), which in turn affects the behaviour of the fluid.  Understanding and quantifying this complex interaction is essential for effective and responsible development of offshore infrastructure and assets.  
Intertek has built and applied hundreds of Total Quality Assurance hydrodynamic models around the world ranging in scale from oceans, seas, coastal waters, ports and harbours to lochs, lakes and rivers.  These models provide the foundation for our Modelling Plus+ technology, which uses hydrodynamic inputs to quantify and predict related processes such as sediment transport, scour and water quality (e.g. physical, chemical and biological).  Our hydrodynamic models also support the assessment of extreme conditions (e.g. metocean) and climate change.
We offer hydrodynamic modelling services to clients involved in a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, water and subsea power cables as well as ports and harbours, wind, wave and tidal. Intertek also provides hydrodynamic modelling services to companies that produce discharges into the environment and require assessment of these discharges (e.g. water, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, mining, factories and mills).   Our integrated hydrodynamic modelling and Modelling Plus+ services focus on maximising engineering and environmental efficiency.  Intertek helps you understand the hydrodynamic behaviour of your project’s environment by creating models of your planned or ongoing operations. These models provide you with valuable information relating to the interaction between your operations and the environment thus allowing for optimised solutions to your engineering constraints that reduce cost and secure compliance. Our Hydrodynamic modelling services and Modelling Plus+ technology feed into a variety of other energy, water and consulting services including environmental modelling, bathing water and shellfish water quality services, ballast water management, oil spill contingency planning, environmental assessments and metocean services.

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