We provide site investigation, survey and monitoring services to a range of sectors including oil and gas , water, subsea cables, ports and harbours and wind, wave and tidal.

Intertek helps clients achieve greater performance and success by providing fully integrated services throughout their project’s lifecycle.  Our services support numerous sectors and have a wide ranging scope, whether it’s drilling programmes, ballast water management, hydrodynamic investigations, coastal process, water quality, subsea structure, platform, pipeline, metocean or cable installations, Intertek provides you with the quality services you need to be successful.  
Our clients benefit from our vast technical knowledge, skills and oversight during the site investigation, survey and monitoring phases of their projects. Intertek’s Total Quality Assurance experts provide clients with a deep understanding of the market place and increasingly stringent and complex regulatory requirements. Our flexibility and independence allows us to provide custom and cost-effective solutions including the contractors, equipment and vessels necessary to perform the required scope of work. We help mitigate the risk of delays and cost escalation with our in-depth understanding of hazards, seabed and sub-surface conditions that play a key role during the engineering and design phases.
Planning and design - Survey and monitoring

In the early stages of a project site investigation, survey and monitoring may be required to understand the physical environment (e.g. geophysical, geotechnical, environmental, hydrodynamic, metocean, coastal processes or water quality). We’re able to provide essential information and input on the permitting and consenting process including environmental impact assessment, infrastructure design and operation.
Procurement and construction
On-going monitoring surveys can be provided during construction and operation. Intertek has vast experience acting as Owner’s Engineer for marine construction projects including procurement of services, installation supervision and quality control. We are experts in consenting compliance and monitoring as well as health and safety management.
Monitoring and inspection

Asset management can be greatly assisted by surveys and monitoring. Intertek has the specific experience required to perform baseline surveys, model set-up and calibration surveys, post installation inspection, scheduled inspection surveys as well as on-going monitoring programmes. Additionally, we can provide emergency inspections and pre-and-post remedial work surveys.
Geographic Asset Information and Management System (GeoAIMS)

Your site investigation, survey and monitoring data can be incorporated in our unique GeoAIMS, which provides data security, quality control and support for ongoing operations and asset management.  GeoAIMS is an extensive suite of applications and software that is utilized as an analysis tool for both our clients and our team to assists with visualisation and decision making.
Intertek’s planning and operation services provide expert advice on:

  • Project and Survey Design – including baseline, location/route feasibility and optimisation that allows for targeted cost effective surveys, survey strategy and timing.
  • Survey Procurement – including full contract procurement and management services including scope of work and specification design as well as procurement strategy and the selection of contractors and vessels.
  • Survey Management – including survey contractors, contract management and provision of expert client representation as well as HSE management (e.g. emergency response planning, technical due diligence, vessel inspections, consenting compliance and monitoring, survey results and reporting quality control).
  • Next stages – following completion of any site investigation survey or monitoring Intertek is well placed to assess results, make recommendations and assist with the next stages of the project, whether this be for remedial works on an asset, further surveys, scientific assessment and modelling  or environmental appraisal  and permit application. 
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