Our experienced personnel help clients to plan effective and efficient oil spill response measures in line with regulatory requirements and to mitigate business risk.

Oil spill contingency plans are a legal requirement for operations in the offshore oil and gas industry, vessel operations in ports and harbours and the international shipping sector. Intertek’s oil spill contingency planning services help our clients react quickly during a potential release of hydrocarbons to the environment. These plans are used to respond to oil spills with the aim of preventing oil reaching sensitive areas such as coastlines and protected marine environments. Oil spill contingency planning ensures that the appropriate emergency response is made in the event of an oil spill.  
Our oil spill contingency services help you remain compliant with regulatory standards by providing input to Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP) and Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP) that help you minimise the business risks  associated with oil spills. We provide you with hydrodynamic and oil spill modelling services to simulate statistical and  worst case spill scenarios and predict how the slick will behave over time to help you identify measures to physically respond to the slick in ways that prevent oil from reaching coastlines and other sensitive areas.
Intertek offers a full suite of Oil Spill Contingency Planning support services from oil testing and oil spill modelling to assess the impact of spills on the environment . We have a highly experienced Total Quality Assurance modelling team with worldwide expertise in developing and using oil spill modelling software and tools. This includes the Oil Spill Contingency and Response (OSCAR) model for offshore spills and MIKE21 for nearshore spills where detailed modelling of complex coastal behaviour is required. Our modelling tools help our clients target the movement of oil slicks and help identify the best way to contain and recover oil spills, ensuring both regulatory compliance and business risk management.
We employ a wide range of tools to provide our clients with models needed to support both offshore and nearshore contingency planning. Our experts provide data and models that aid environmental assessments that help identify and prioritise potential spill scenarios for specific locations ensuring that you are compliant with regulatory requirements.

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