Our environmental licencing and permitting consultants have an established reputation with customers, regulators and government advisers for service and quality of submission that help avoid the potential for unexpected consequences and financial losses.

Since 1983, we’ve provided environmental services to developers through all stages of a project’s life cycle, from concept, feasibility and design through installation, construction, operation and decommissioning.  Regardless of the stage of development, environmental licences, permits and consents are required to proceed and regulate activities.
Intertek’s environmental team have an established reputation with customers, regulators and government advisers for quality of submission and service.  Our Total Quality Assurance approach enables developers to quickly understand the legislative framework governing their industry and enjoy greater efficiency across their business groups.
As legislation matures and is shaped by lessons learned from the industry, we maintain the flexibility to ensure our licences and permits are up-to-date and comply with current requirements.  Our robust licence and permitting process seamlessly aligns with existing development programs and complements the parallel approval process of other consent requirements.
What can our environmental licencing and permitting services offer you?

  • Our bespoke and gated assurance process ensures high quality licence, permit and consent deliverables that are compliant with the latest legislation and guidelines from regulators and stakeholders.
  • We have a dedicated team of environmental and industry specialists supported by over 150 associates from a diverse range of marine science specialisms.
  • Intertek’s defined and developed systems, such as our project web portal, interface between our team, our clients, regulators and stakeholders.
  • Our in-house Geographic Information System (GIS) capability streamlines the licence and permits process.
  • Our modelling team are industry leaders in impact assessment and optimisation of asset performance for environmental compliance.  We have the experience and confidence to know when to apply modelling to assist with licence and permit development.
  • We apply a threshold approach for environmental assessment in our licence and permit deliverables, using best available techniques, best environmental practices and international standards to determine whether the impacts from proposed activities will exceed regulatory thresholds.
  • Our licencing and permitting track record in a wide array of industries has allowed us to develop an innovative approach by building on lessons learned across sectors.
  • Through experience and participation in industry and environmental forums we have long standing relationships with regulators and government advisers ensuring we are knowledgeable of legislature changes and requirements as well as stakeholder concerns and expectations.
  • We offer in-house training to help familiarise and educate our clients with the requirements of permit applications and supporting legislation.

We are adept at integrating our activities into our clients’ project teams to enable them to meet today’s engineering and environmental challenges through the supply of discreet project deliverables.
 Licencing and permitting solutions include:

  • Ballast Water Management Licences
  • Consents/notifications for seismic, geophysical, geotechnical and environmental surveys
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Europe Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) permits
  • European Protected Species (EPS) Licence
  • FEPA applications
  • Foreshore licences
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) permits
  • Marine licences
  • Oil and Gas Portal Environmental Tracking System (PETS) applications
  • Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP)
  • Oil Pollution Prevention and Control (OPPC) permits
  • Oil transfer licence
  • PETS permitting
  • Risk based approach to produced water management (RBA)


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