Intertek’s experts identify ways to optimise asset operations through modelling to minimise the impact of human activity on the flow and quality of water from the head of a catchment area to the coast.

It’s important that our catchments, rivers and coasts are managed to minimise erosion, flooding and water quality issues.  Flooding, erosion and pollution can cause harm to the environment as well as structures and people. For companies involved in river or coastal operations, developing programmes to manage the effect their operations have on the environment is essential to remaining compliant with legislative requirements.
Our extensive Total Quality Assurance survey experience and Modelling Plus+ technology enables us to define each catchment to determine the quality and features of riverine, estuarine and coastal systems.  Intertek helps you better understand the impacts of natural and man-made features such as point and diffuse sources including run-off over fields and the transport of pollutants from rivers.  Modelling Plus+ also assesses key components of a system such as hydrodynamics, sediment transport, water quality and bacterial behaviour.  This data, when combined with information from field surveys and monitoring  programmes, is used to develop comprehensive environmental assessments that determine the environmental impact  from each and every source.
Lakes and reservoirs also require protection, both in terms of supply and demand as well as water quality.  Other concerns include nutrient enrichment, bacteria such as Cryptosporidium or chemicals that affect odour and taste.  Modelling Plus+ evaluates these issues and provides valuable information that can be used in your environmental and management action plans.  
For over 20 years, Intertek has been at the forefront of bathing water  and shellfish water management  and improvement.  Intertek has undertaken more detailed bathing water, shellfish water and beach assessments than any other UK company and has managed numerous investigations that have shaped policy and assessment methods.  We use Modelling Plus+ and data analysis as well as spatial and temporal assessments to target specific assets and ensure that environmental issues are resolved efficiently. Our team is experienced with working at the national level and providing expert witness services.  From the top of the catchment to the coast, we are able to address the requirements of all the key legislative drivers including the Water Framework Directive, Bathing Water Directive, Habitats Directive and other maritime legislation.  
Some key features of our modelling assessments include Source Apportionment  which quantifies the contribution from each individual source to the environmental goal.  The results of this can be visualised and managed through our Geographical Asset Information Management Systems (GeoAIMS) to support ongoing operations and maintenance.
Intertek provided the first Beach Management Systems in the UK and continues to be a leader in environmental services by providing cutting-edge risk assessments of catchments, rivers and coasts.  Our services help our customers comply with regulations ensure efficient operation of assets and most importantly protect the environment.

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