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Multiple chocolate bars, chocolate pieces and cinnamon sticks on a dark table
07 Jul 2024

World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day celebrates chocolate's history, health benefits of cocoa flavanols, and the hard work in its growth and production.

A person using a laptop with various icons displayed on the screen.
02 Jul 2024

OWASP Sets the Standard for Safe Software Across Industries

Enhancing Software Security through Education, Community Building, and Collaboration

A woman in a factory, holding a clipboard, overseeing operations and ensuring efficiency.
18 Jun 2024

Is your food business ready for a crisis?

Even in a well-managed company, crises can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Intertek's UK Food Technical Consultant Heather Hayward recalls a crisis situation and lessons learned.

woman comparing two petri dishes
17 Jun 2024

Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS)

The QPS approach simplifies safety assessment of microorganisms in EU food supply. It aids pre-assessment but doesn't guarantee market approval.

A scientist in a lab coat holds a test tube, conducting an experiment in a laboratory setting.
12 Jun 2024

New Approach Methodologies for Animal Testing

Moving Towards Greater Regulatory Acceptance

A futuristic illustration showcasing the potential of cloud computing in revolutionizing technology and data management.
11 Jun 2024

Securing Digital and Physical Worlds with IEC 62443 and ISO 27001

Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Standard for Optimal Protection

Image of a doctor using a tablet with healthcare-related icons.
04 Jun 2024

Ensuring Cybersecurity in Medical Devices

A Proactive Approach can Streamline Compliance and Reduce Vulnerabilities

Young blonde boy joyfully squeezing honey onto waffles at the breakfast table with family
03 Jun 2024

Are you ready for the updated EU Breakfast Directives?

Understanding the upcoming requirements for honey, jam, fruit juices, and dried milk sold in the European Union.

A woman in a lab coat standing in a hallway.
28 May 2024

Understanding PFAS Regulations and Their Impact on Medical Devices

The Role of PFAS in Medical Devices and the Implications for Industry Compliance

Dark storm clouds loom over the city skyline, creating a dramatic and ominous atmosphere
16 May 2024

Navigating the Hurricane Market for Building Product Manufacturers and Architects

Essential Insights on Understanding, Developing, Testing, and Marketing Hurricane-Resistant Glass and Glazing

The image shows a person typing on a laptop. The content includes a warning message with options to not show it again. Tags for the image include text, person, laptop, computer, typing, and indoor.
14 May 2024

Strategies to Mitigate Insider Cybersecurity Threats

How Employees Can Unintentionally Compromise Cybersecurity

An open air MRI scanner machine in a room with blue walls.
24 Apr 2024

Understanding the 510(k) Submission Process

Frequently asked questions from medical device manufacturers

The image is a background pattern featuring the words "AI," "Al," "HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY," and "Gro." It appears to be a simulation and includes the tags: screenshot, technology, and person.
16 Apr 2024

The Future of Healthcare – The Evolution of AI and ML in Medical Devices

Improving patient outcomes while ensuring privacy, security, and regulatory compliance

The content of the image includes a variety of snack foods like pork sausage roll, cheesy bean and sausage, chicken steak and gravy pie, beef pasty, and more from Peter's brand. The tags associated with the image are snack, food, snack food, convenience food, fast food, bread, and sandwich.
09 Apr 2024

Food Safety & Quality Culture

Peter’s Food share their journey to excellence and tips on how to meet the BRCGS requirement.

The image shows a bicycle parked on the side of the road. It is an ebike with a charging station nearby. Tags include land vehicle, bike, cycling, and street.
04 Apr 2024

The Hidden Fire Hazards behind Powering Ebikes

Safeguarding through compliance with industry standards and consumer education to mitigate the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries

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