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15 Feb 2024
Uncover Hidden Talents

Unveiling Unseen Brilliance: Strategies and Insights for Unearthing Hidden Talents in Your Organization

20 Dec 2023
Protecting Your Investment: How ELD Technology Helps Safeguard Buildings from Costly Leaks

How ASTM Standards can help Enhance the Reliability and Efficiency of Building Waterproofing

18 Dec 2023
Mandatory Notice Regarding Substances under the Chemicals Management Plan - 2023

Notice with respect to certain substances under the Chemicals Management Plan pertaining to 850 substances identified as a priority for information gathering

12 Dec 2023
Software in a Medical Device vs. Software as a Medical Device: Understanding the Differences - Part 1

A look at the convergence of hardware-centric medical devices and software-driven solutions

21 Nov 2023
European Protein Strategy 2023

Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities

07 Nov 2023
Cyberattacks in the Food Industry: A Recipe for Potential Disaster

Increased use of Technology Exposes Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

24 Oct 2023
The Secret to Success for Medical Device Manufacturers

Working Effectively with Testing and Certification Agencies

10 Oct 2023
Trends in Global Medical Device Design and Development

Discover how regulatory requirements, patient access, usability, cybersecurity, sustainability and more are transforming the medical industry

06 Oct 2023
Tips to increase staff retention in restaurants

Food Safety Consultant Heather Hayward outlines some of the associated risks resulting from low staff retention in restaurants and solutions to help.

03 Oct 2023
Senate Bill 4D (SB4D): A New Law to Improve Building Safety in Florida

Bill aims to enhance the longevity and structural integrity of buildings

26 Sep 2023
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Quality Control Orders

Overview of BIS Certification and Key Updates

22 Sep 2023
A Day in the Life: Social Compliance Auditor

Technical Specialist Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Intertek UK, Athiya Khatri, shares insight into her role as a CSR Auditor & reveals examples of non-compliance

19 Sep 2023
Borderline Cosmetics in the EU

Understanding a product's classification for regulatory compliance

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