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05 Mar 2024

A Year In Review: Global Chemical Regulatory Updates 2023

Explore 2023's global chemical regulatory updates ensuring safety, management, and responsible use across borders in diverse measures & standards.

18 Dec 2023

Mandatory Notice Regarding Substances under the Chemicals Management Plan - 2023

Notice with respect to certain substances under the Chemicals Management Plan pertaining to 850 substances identified as a priority for information gathering

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25 Aug 2023

CEPA Reform 2023

Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada Introduce Bill S-5: Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act

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30 May 2023

New Classification Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP) Hazard Classes

New Endocrine, PBT/vPvB, and PMT/vPvM endpoints

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16 May 2023

Supporting Pesticide Device Efficacy Claims in Canada

Do you have the data to back up your product?

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02 May 2023

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Regulations

Understanding the Volatile Organic Compound Concentration Limits for Certain Products Regulations in Canada

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14 Apr 2023

Proposed Biocide Regulation in Canada

Biocides Look for a Regulation to Call Home in Canada

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07 Feb 2023

Pesticide Reporting in Canada and the United States

Are You Fulfilling Your Requirements?

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13 Oct 2022

“REACH”-ing for Answers

How Intertek can support you and your supply chain in navigating Turkish REACH

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27 Sep 2022

See “EU” Later!

How Intertek can support you and your supply chain in navigating UK REACH post-Brexit

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15 Sep 2022

Your India REACH Superhero: The Authorized Representative

How Intertek can support you and your supply chain in navigating India REACH

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25 Aug 2022

The regulatory landscape in Latin America is changing fast!

Las Regulaciones Químicas de América Latina Están Cambiando Rápidamente, Muy Rápido

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09 Aug 2022

Manufactured Items – The times they are a-changing!

Are any of your substances intended to be released from a manufactured item?

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28 Jul 2022

Is Your Product a Microbial Consortium or a Mixture of Strains?

Knowing can clarify your path to regulatory compliance

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12 Jul 2022

Substances in Products Regulated Under Canada’s Food and Drugs Act

Are you subject to the New Substances Notification Regulations?

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30 Jun 2022

Did you know that the transition period for exemptions under NICNAS expires 31 August 2022?

Importers and manufacturers will soon need to categorize their industrial chemicals into one of the introduction categories set out under AICIS

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14 Jun 2022

Pesticide Device Regulation in Canada - Update

Regulatory Amendment for UV-Emitting and Ozone-Generating Devices

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31 May 2022

In the hot seat: Acrylamide-related changes to California Proposition 65 Regulations for foods that undergo cooking or heat processing

Injunction for acrylamide-related lawsuits upheld and new proposed warnings labels for acrylamide in food

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10 May 2022

Biochemical New Substance Notifications: Schedule 2

What Does it Mean for You?

05 Apr 2022

Update: Biocides: Access to the Market in Great Britain

Key Information Following Brexit

29 Mar 2022

Update: Health Canada’s Revised In Commerce List

Have your substances been removed from the Revised In Commerce List?

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14 Dec 2021

Treated Articles in Canada and the United States

Does Your Product Meet the Exemptions?

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07 Dec 2021

The U.S. Proposes New Actions to Address PFAS

Are you prepared?

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10 Aug 2021

U.S. EPA Establishment Requirements for Pesticides and Related Devices

Do I Need an Establishment Number?

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13 Jul 2021

Pesticide Device Regulation in Canada

New Developments for UV and Ozone-Generating Devices

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03 Aug 2020

Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) in Effect

Highlights of the AICIS, Annual Record-Keeping & Reporting Requirements and Transitional Rules

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22 Jun 2020

Restricted Substances under the New Medical Devices Regulation

Number of restricted substances will increase every year

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05 May 2020

Incorporating Recycled Polymers and Plastics

Testing Considerations for Sustainability Goals

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21 Apr 2020

Chemical Analysis for Flexible Packaging

Evaluating Properties of Films and Polymers

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23 Mar 2020

Removal of non-industrial chemicals from the NICNAS Inventory

Deadline to review the list and comment on the removal of any non-industrial chemicals is March 31, 2020

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03 Mar 2020

Why Did My Part Break?

A Look at the Failure Analysis and Investigation Process

28 Oct 2019

ESMA Updates Guidance for Medical Devices

UAE RoHS Compliance Deadline January 1, 2020

22 Oct 2019

IMO 2020 0.50% Global Sulphur Cap

Intertek's outlook on the introduction of 0.50% m/m Sulphur Fuels in Africa and opportunities in the Bunker Industry

08 Oct 2019

UAE RoHS Enforcement

Intensive Inspection Campaign Starting 10/01/2019

20 Aug 2019

Analytical Testing for Coatings

Going Beyond the Standards

23 Jul 2019

Protective Coatings and Films on Metals

Ensuring Performance in Products from Bridges to Engines

14 Jun 2019

Substance Identity Masking

What's Your Name?

04 Jun 2019

Polymers and Plastics Series: Integrated Analytical Approaches

Solving Complex Polymer Packaging Problems

28 May 2019

Deconstructing Materials, Parts, and/or Subassemblies

Challenges in Chemical Regulatory Assessment

17 May 2019

Chemical Abstract Services (CAS)

What's Your Name?

11 Apr 2019

Health Canada’s Revised in Commerce List

Are Your Substances Registered?

02 Apr 2019

Polymers and Plastics Series: Deformulation Strategies

Using Reverse Engineering for Insights and Answers

26 Feb 2019

EU REACH: January SVHC Additions

Why you should be interested in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

20 Nov 2018

The Keys to Success

Outsourcing Stability Studies to Contract Laboratories

06 Nov 2018

Measuring High- and Low-Density Content in Polyethylene Blends

How to Determine the Amount of PE Grade in a Given Product

02 Oct 2018

U.S. EPA implements new User Fees for the administration of the TSCA

Changes in the adjustments of fees will begin fiscal year 2019 (effective October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019)

28 Aug 2018

Regulatory Update on K-REACH 2018 Revision

New Implementation Rules Have Been Released: Existing Substance Pre-Reporting deadline is 30 June 2019

31 Jul 2018

California Proposition 65 “Soft Targets” Beware

Retailers and Manufacturers must act now to meet August 30 Deadline

24 Jul 2018

Phthalates: What You Need to Know

Upcoming Changes to the EU RoHS Directive

17 Jul 2018

Polymer Blog Series: Why perform rheology testing for polymers?

Optimising polymer product performance through in-depth understanding of the rheological properties

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10 Apr 2018

Identification and Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds in Food Contact Materials

Ensuring the safety of polymers used in food contact materials

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30 Mar 2018

Changes to China RoHS Catalog Have Been Published

Compliance is mandatory for electrical and electronic products being sold into China

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27 Mar 2018

ECHA's Warning Message to Chemical Industry

Companies must review quality of chemical data under REACH

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20 Feb 2018

California Revises Proposition 65 Warning Requirements

New Regulations Become Operative on August 30, 2018

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06 Feb 2018

2018 the Year of Increased EU REACH Enforcement

EU Manufacturers and Retailers Must Comply with Regulatory Requirements

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30 Jan 2018

A brief look back at the U.S. EPA activities in 2017

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must be aware of the activities of 2017 to be prepared for the 2018 changes or face loss of business

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26 Dec 2017

Another RoHS?

The UAE Introduces RoHS Certification Requirements

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17 Oct 2017

US EPA's TSCA Risk Evaluation Rule is effective September 18, 2017 - What You Need to Know

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must be prepared to identify current and/or foreseeable uses of in-commerce substances and may be required to perform further testing

22 Aug 2017

US EPA publishes the TSCA Prioritization Rule: Substances are to be designated as high-priority or low-priority

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must be prepared to work with the EPA for high-priority substances under new rules.

01 Aug 2017

U.S. EPA issues TSCA Inventory Rest Rule: Substances are designated as 'active' and 'inactive'

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must comply with upcoming reporting deadline or face loss of business

11 Jul 2017

Methylenediphenyl diisocyanates (MDIs) and Methylenediphenyl diamines (MDAs) Substance Grouping Update

Government of Canada's Final Screening Assessment, Proposed Risk Management Approach and Proposed application of the SNAc provisions

20 Jun 2017

Proposition 65 vs. Processed Food Companies - A New (Costly) Thorn in Your Side

The addition of furfuryl alcohol, a natural by-product of thermal food processing, to the Proposition 65 list will likely result in added litigation risks for food/beverage manufacturers selling products in California.

08 Nov 2016

Understanding EU Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation Deadline

Manufacturers, importers or formulators must comply with EU Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008)

01 Nov 2016

Understanding EU Cosmetics Regulation and Attaining Compliance

Cosmetic companies across Europe must comply with EU Cosmetics Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009)

30 Aug 2016

Food Contact Regulatory Framework in China 2016

Intertek provides insights into how the regulations in China are shaping up and the potential effects on industry.

24 Jun 2016

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Reform

The Long Anticipated Modernization of the US Toxic Substances Control Act is Here

13 May 2016

US EPA 2016 Chemical Data Reporting: Are You Ready?

Intertek helps companies meet September 30, 2016 deadline

18 Mar 2016

Canada requests early industry engagement for Phase 3 of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP3)

Intertek addresses impact on the Chemical Industry

15 Mar 2016

RoHS 2 Compliance for Household Appliances

Enforcement Update Infographic and Best Practices Suggestions

18 Feb 2016

Final Countdown for Phase I Existing Substance Registration in Taiwan

Are you ready for the March 31 deadline?

12 Jan 2016

REACH 2018 - Do you have a plan yet?

Chemical Companies prepare for REACH 2018 Deadline

01 Dec 2015

New Finished Product Requirements for EU REACH

See what the new ruling means by checking out our infographic

08 Oct 2015

REACH 2018: Plan, Gather, Implement

Intertek expert Joyce Borkhoff launches the countdown to REACH blog series.

10 Aug 2015

Evolution of Chemical Regulations and Their Effect on Industry

An overview of standards, and how to establish a chemical management program

25 Jun 2015

Latest Update to California's Proposition 65 List Will Impact Manufacturers Worldwide

Bisphenol A (BPA) Added to List of Chemicals Considered Toxic in the State of California

14 Oct 2014

Opportunities in Africa

It’s a good time to be in Africa.

30 Sep 2014

Just How Can I Achieve 'Asset Light Expansion' in my Growth Markets? Part 2

Examining the options in terms of outsourcing, partnering or building your own laboratory facilities for quality and safety testing

25 Sep 2014

Just How Can I Achieve 'Asset Light Expansion' in my Growth Markets?

Examining the options in terms of outsourcing, partnering or building your own laboratory facilities for quality and safety testing.

16 Sep 2014

Is your consumer product in compliance with California Proposition 65?

Failure to be in compliance can lead to law suits, heavy penalties and court-mandated reformulation.

26 Aug 2014

Part 3 of 3: Mixtures, Manufactured Items and Products

Are you making or importing a Product? Are you sure?

Mixtures, Manufactured Items and Products
05 Mar 2014

Part 2 of 3: Mixtures, Manufactured Items and Products

Are you making or importing a mixture? Are you sure?

EFSA-SC Weighs in on Endocrine Disruptors
10 Jan 2014

A Closer Look: EFSA-SC Weighs in on Endocrine Disruptors

What are the differences between endocrine active substances and endocrine disruptors?

11 Dec 2013

Mixtures, Manufactured Items and Products

Are you making or importing a mixture? Are you sure? Keep reading more as this is the first of a three-part blog series.

13 Sep 2013

To Bee or not to Be

The Potential Threat of Neonicotinoid Pesticides on Bee Colonies

12 Jul 2013

Canadian GHS is Coming!

Comment Period Open for Proposed New Hazardous Products Regulations

04 Jul 2013

Significant New Activity Notice Issued for 52 Substances in Canada

Are You Affected by any of the 52 substances identified by the Canadian Government in this SNAc notice? Keep reading.

17 Jun 2013

South Korea Launches K-REACH

What should Manufacturers, importers and sellers of new or existing chemical substances into South Korea should be aware of today?

13 May 2013

Mixing, Blending and Formulating: Salt does happen!

Remember to keep an eye out for ingredient interactions that might produce a new substance right there in the vat.

Update: Publication of the Revised In-Commerce List
06 May 2013

Update: Publication of the Revised In-Commerce List

On May 3, 2013, the results of the nomination process were published on the Government of Canada's website. Learn how this could affect you and the industry.

15 Apr 2013

A Closer Look: Techniques for Obtaining Glass Transition Temperature of Polymeric Materials

There are several testing techniques to choose from when measuring glass transition temperature. But how do you know which one is best for you?

National Pollutant Releases Inventory Reporting Notice Issued by Environment Canada
02 Apr 2013

National Pollutant Releases Inventory Reporting Notice Issued by Environment Canada

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) notice for 2012 and 2013 was issued by Environment Canada in the Canada Gazette late last year. Learn more about this notice and what it could mean for you.

29 Mar 2013

A Closer Look at Composite Compression Test Methods

With the different compression test methods for composite compression testing, have you ever wondered which one is the best for your specific application?