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27 Jul 2023

Making Environmental Choices in Products Easier: Insights from Intertek’s Experiences with Comparative Life Cycle Assessments

Comparative Life Cycle Assessments provide advantages to companies looking to design products that make positive environmental contributions

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02 Mar 2021

Best Practices for Manufacturing Fabric Face Masks

New ASTM Standard Establishes Requirements for Non-medical Coverings

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27 Nov 2020

Market drivers for electronics in a COVID-19 world

Considerations and innovations in hygiene, health & safety

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17 Nov 2020

Mask Assessments 101

A Guide to Requirements for Face Coverings

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03 Mar 2020

Why Did My Part Break?

A Look at the Failure Analysis and Investigation Process

18 Dec 2018

Preparing for ROHS 2019 Compliance (Part 1 - Sourcing)

Changes to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Effective 22 July 2019

12 Jun 2018

Do You Know You Know or Think You Know?

Meet the BEVL Method

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06 Mar 2018

Fuel Cell Technologies - An External Supply of Chemical Energy

Generating Electricity from an Electrochemical Reaction

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10 Oct 2017

Resting Easy

What You Should Know About Mattress Flammability Testing

12 Sep 2017

Sitting Pretty

Assessing Furniture to BIFMA Standards

20 Sep 2016

Pet Product Safety

Our Furry Friends Need Protection Too!

12 Jul 2016

Evaluating Barrier Properties in Key Material Decisions

Instrumented Vs. Non-Instrumented Measurements for Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing

12 Apr 2016

Button and Coin Cell Batteries

The big concern behind the tiny object

02 Feb 2016

How to Create Better Products Using Consumer Insights

Using customer preferences to shape product lines

15 Dec 2015

This Year, I Would Like...

How much of what we wish for is determined by external factors?

10 Nov 2015

The Emotional Design Checklist

How much of what we wish for is determined by external factors?

27 Oct 2015

Bringing Hidden Risks of Window Coverings to Light

October is Window Covering Safety Month

15 Sep 2015

Quality Risks and Rewards from the Digitization and Migration of the Production Sector

What you can be doing now to prepare for disruptions

14 Jul 2015

Grow (and Protect) your Brand with Smart Sourcing

Using performance benchmarking to educate yourself on what you are buying

18 Jun 2015

Is that Product Safe for My Child to Use?

Gaining insight into the risks and rewards associated with the safety of juvenile products.

09 Jun 2015

6 Novel Electrical Toy Risk Assessment Tools

Just how safe is that electronic toy?

27 May 2015

Top Failures With Mobile Health Apps

As the medical device industry looks to enter the world of mobile apps, here are six common issues you should be ready to address.

19 May 2015

Left-handed in a right-handed world: A Case Study in Foreseeable Use

Product design cannot simply allow for intended use, but must also take consumer behaviour into consideration. Identifying a product’s foreseeable use can be as simple as looking at who will use your product.

11 Mar 2015

A New World: Recalls and Risk Assessments

Attitudes towards risk are changing. In this fluctuating regulatory landscape, how do you know when to start conducting a risk assessment or consider a recall? Intertek Product Intelligence and Hogan Lovells teamed up to discuss these challenges.

10 Feb 2015

Evolving Regulations for Commercial Refrigeration Energy Efficiency

An overview of how recent, significant regulatory changes in energy efficiency and alternative refrigerants that will impact the commercial refrigeration industry.

06 Jan 2015

Key considerations in future proofing the product safety supply chain

There are multiple considerations behind the development of a robust product safety supply strategy and here we explore the main areas when developing leading organisational assurance processes.

23 Dec 2014

The Whole Product Package

Evaluating the entire lifespan of a package - from raw materials to packaging production and from transportation to store shelves - will produce more successful results in the protection of the product.

28 Oct 2014

Halloween Horror Stories: Looking to the past to ensure a safe holiday

Although Halloween is intended to scare, no company wants to sell, supply or manufacture an unsafe product this holiday season.

10 Sep 2014

How Competitive Intelligence Can Win Business

Competitive Intelligence helps to identify how your product compares to competitors and provides you with data-driven information that can be leveraged for space on retailers' shelves.

03 Sep 2014

Designing a new product? Pitfalls and common issues.

Designing a new product? Understand the pitfalls and common issues by engaging with Intertek’s training solutions early on.

Benchmarking Makes a Brand
19 Nov 2013

Benchmarking Makes a Brand

Benchmarking is about product performance. A brand that conducts a benchmarking process will be able to determine their products’ performance.

In Focus: Can sunshine melt cars?
24 Sep 2013

In Focus: Can sunshine melt cars?

Thermal evaluations are conducted on the product in question in order to evaluate risk.