20 Dec 2023
Protecting Your Investment: How ELD Technology Helps Safeguard Buildings from Costly Leaks

How ASTM Standards can help Enhance the Reliability and Efficiency of Building Waterproofing

03 Oct 2023
Senate Bill 4D (SB4D): A New Law to Improve Building Safety in Florida

Bill aims to enhance the longevity and structural integrity of buildings

05 Jul 2023
Geotechnical Engineering: Understanding What Lies Beneath

Learn the importance of geotechnical engineering in design and construction projects, from site evaluations to foundation design, and more

06 Jun 2023
A View of Fenestration Testing in Canada

Learn more about NAFS Requirements and its Canadian Supplement

19 May 2023
CAN/ULC-S134: A Canadian Fire Safety Standard for Exterior Wall

Simulates a large-scale fire to evaluate flame propagation

25 Apr 2023
NFPA 285: A Fire Safety Standard for Wall Assemblies in the U.S.

Ensuring the safety and performance of building materials

11 Apr 2023
Shedding Light on Window, Door, and Skylight Testing

Common reasons for testing and basic test methods

20 Jun 2023
Trends in Sustainable Building Materials - Part 2

A look at the tools used to evaluate the environmental impact of building products and processes

14 Mar 2023
Trends in Sustainable Building Materials - Part 1

Initiatives that are driving the industry to focus on reduction of embodied carbon

28 Feb 2023
Construction Monitoring: A Valuable Tool in Urban Building Projects

How it can help protect you and your neighbor from the potential risk of damage to surrounding buildings and structures

21 Feb 2023
Retrofitting Building Enclosures to Improve Energy Consumption

An introduction to the BECx process

06 Dec 2022
Breaking Down the Florida Administrative Code & Florida Administrative Register

A look into the who, what, why, and where of the Florida building code and building product safety

22 Nov 2022
Will Your Building Products and Materials Weather the Storm of Environmental Exposure?

Accelerated weathering testing is used to simulate the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements on material performance and durability

08 Nov 2022
CE Marks the Spot: Selling Construction Products in the EU

Learn about when a CE mark is required, when it's not, and exceptions to the rule

25 Oct 2022
Managing Risk through Quality Control Field Testing

Field testing is fundamental in the building and construction industry to ensure safe and compliant project installations

20 Oct 2022
Why Product Certification Could Boost Your Sales

Learn how product certification plays an integral role in the success of your building products

06 Sep 2022
Window & Door Testing 101

A Guide to Assessment

04 Aug 2022
Incorporating Fire Testing into Building Codes

Learn why fire safety standards were developed to help ensure life safety and protection of property

28 Jun 2022
The Importance of Hurricane Standards in Building Codes

How building codes evolved to address hurricane impact hazards and where we are today

16 Jun 2022
Building Products Testing: Six Things You Should Know to Ensure Your Product Fits its Purpose

Product testing is all about ensuring buildings are safe places

24 May 2022
Reducing GHG Emissions in the Built Environment

Learn about the building- and material-focused strategies used to lower operational and embodied GHG production

03 May 2022
Building for Occupant Health and Wellbeing

An overview of healthy building and its role in improving indoor air quality

12 Apr 2022
Providing Safe and Functional Shelter from Severe Weather Events

An overview of the standards and guidance that exist to ensure areas of refuge keep occupants safe during hurricanes and tornadoes

22 Mar 2022
STC Ratings: Six Things You Never Knew

It's important to understand the nuances of sound transmission class ratings and how they relate to real-world noise control options

22 Feb 2022
Key Things to Consider for Acoustic Quality and Comfort

Prioritizing acoustics is important when creating and maintaining sustainable, high-performance buildings

15 Feb 2022
Plastic Composite Decking Safety and Performance Requirements

Overview of U.S. building codes and standards

30 Nov 2021
Material Testing and Site Inspections: The Foundation of Successful Construction

Ensuring a quality project upon completion

04 Nov 2021
Returning Students and Teachers to the Classroom Safely

Employing indoor air quality testing to reopen schools

19 Oct 2021
Code Compliance Simplified

Using Code Compliance Research Reports to demonstrate compliance of alternative products

28 Sep 2021
An Introduction to the IMO 2010 FTP Code

Insights for Shipbuilding Products Manufacturers

14 Sep 2021
Three Sound Ratings You Need to Know


27 Jul 2021
Modular Innovation

Repurposing Shipping Containers

20 Jul 2021
The Advantages of Modular Construction

Prefabricated Benefits for All

29 Jun 2021
Floor Moisture Forensics

Three Ways to Save Money

22 Jun 2021
Spray Foam 101

A Guide to Testing, Certification, and Beyond

25 May 2021
Specialty Construction Testing

Five Services You Need to Know About

30 Mar 2021
Sound Isolation and Privacy

Acoustical Field Measurements & Testing

02 Feb 2021
Modular Construction

An Introduction to Process and Inspection

26 Jan 2021
Building Products Certification

The Process & Benefits

19 Jan 2021
Flood Barrier Testing

Insights in the Lab and Field

12 Jan 2021
The Importance of a Well-Defined Special Inspections Program, Part 2

Key Entities for Program Success

08 Jan 2021
The Importance of a Well-Defined Special Inspections Program, Part 1

Key Entities for Program Success

24 Nov 2020
Operating with Confidence

Facility Infection Control Measures

10 Nov 2020
Groundwater Issues in Construction

Considerations for Identification and Evaluation

09 Oct 2020
Sound and Privacy

Acoustic Considerations for Residential Buildings

29 Sep 2020
Fire Doors 101

Testing, Certification, and Beyond

22 Sep 2020
Create Healthier Indoor Environments

Practical Approaches to Reduce Risks

24 Mar 2020
Keys to a Successful Building Mock-Up

Evaluating Performance and Integrity of the Building Envelope

26 Jun 2018
New US EPA On-Line E-Manifesting System for Hazardous Wastes

What You Need to Know About the New Procedure

26 Oct 2017
U.S. and Canadian Requirements for Windows and Doors

What you need to know about performance standards and testing

26 Sep 2017
Where There’s Smoke...

A Look at SDI Variability in ASTM E84 Testing

03 May 2016
Feeling the Heat of Updated EPA Standards for Hearth Emissions

Manufacturers and Retailers of Wood Heaters and Stoves Impacted by New Source Performance Standards

01 Dec 2015
New Finished Product Requirements for EU REACH

See what the new ruling means by checking out our infographic

18 Aug 2015
Photovoltaic Panel and Module Fire Resistance Testing

What you should know about testing under recently revised standards

15 May 2014
A Closer Look: AHJs and the Need for Third-Party Qualified Personnel

Today, building and electrical codes are more complex than ever. But what does this mean for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)?

11 Jun 2013
Safer Products & the Competitive Code Evaluation Market

Increased competition in the code evaluations market is good news for manufacturers, but can it actually lead to safer products for consumers as well?

08 Aug 2012
Are your walls telling you something – or not?

From the constant buzz of cell phones to video conference calls and just the regular “office” noise that is created on a daily basis, do you ever wonder how all that noise is absorbed?