15 Feb 2024
Uncover Hidden Talents

Unveiling Unseen Brilliance: Strategies and Insights for Unearthing Hidden Talents in Your Organization

06 Oct 2023
Tips to increase staff retention in restaurants

Food Safety Consultant Heather Hayward outlines some of the associated risks resulting from low staff retention in restaurants and solutions to help.

21 Nov 2023
European Protein Strategy 2023

Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities

07 Nov 2023
Cyberattacks in the Food Industry: A Recipe for Potential Disaster

Increased use of Technology Exposes Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

18 Aug 2023
World Honeybee Day: Raising Awareness about the Importance of Honeybees

Understanding the significance of honeybees in ecosystems, their role in the maintenance of global food security, and current risks to their populations

15 Aug 2023
3 Steps to a stress-free factory floor demo task during a food safety audit

Achieving a good result in a food safety audit is one of the key objectives of any food factory Technical or Quality Manager if they are on their journey to third-party certification.

11 Aug 2023
New Amendment to Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011

Overview of key changes to the European Food Contact Plastics Regulation under (EU) 2023/1442

27 Jun 2023
Five key takeaways from the EU ‘From the Hives’ report

An expert view from an Intertek honey authenticity scientist

21 Mar 2023
The FDA’s Decision Regarding the Pathway Forward for Cannabidiol

Navigating the Changing Regulations in the United States

10 Feb 2023
International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023

Shining a spotlight on Intertek's women in science: An interview with Joanne Hubbard, Technical Specialist Manager, UK Food Services

27 Jan 2023
VACCP and TACCP: The Best Line of Food Defence

“The best defence is a good offence“

12 Jan 2023
HACCP Verification – An Introduction

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is an internationally recognised risk-based system utilised throughout the food supply chain

18 Oct 2022
EFSA’s Statement on the Safety of Cannabidiol as a Novel Food

Data Gaps and How to Fill Them

06 Oct 2022
How to Continually Improve Your Food Safety Management System

In an ever-changing world, establishing and maintaining a food safety programme is not enough. Every organisation must strive for continual improvement to stay compliant, relevant, and successful

30 Aug 2022
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids: What food businesses need to know

In light of new European legislation coming into force for pyrrolizidine alkaloids, we sat down with Joanne Hubbard and Patrick McNamara, Technical Specialist Managers for the UK and Global markets at Intertek, to discuss these natural contaminants

31 May 2022
In the hot seat: Acrylamide-related changes to California Proposition 65 Regulations for foods that undergo cooking or heat processing

Injunction for acrylamide-related lawsuits upheld and new proposed warnings labels for acrylamide in food

26 Nov 2021
Alternative Proteins in Europe

Regulatory and Safety Hurdles

20 Apr 2021
Honey Crystallization: A Natural Process

Why honey crystallizes and how to prevent it

22 Jan 2021
Food Product Held at the U.S. Border...Now What?

Melamine Analysis for FDA Detention

18 Dec 2020
Food Shelf Life Testing

The Science Behind "Sell by" Dates

15 Dec 2020
Food Sensory Analysis

Assessments for Product Quality and Success

18 Aug 2020
The growing risk of UK food fraud during the COVID-19 outbreak

Identifying the risk of food fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic and best practices for protecting food authenticity

01 May 2020
Developing Sustainable Fisheries

An Overview of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) & Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

03 Mar 2020
Why Did My Part Break?

A Look at the Failure Analysis and Investigation Process

21 Oct 2019
Introduction to Canada’s Recreational Cannabis Edible Regulations

Health Canada Releases Final Regulations

12 Jul 2019
Dietary Fiber in the U.S.

An Update to the Dietary Fiber Inclusion List

09 Apr 2019
The Confusing World of CBD in Food and Supplements

Navigating Changing Regulations in Canada, the US, and the EU

05 Mar 2019
Navigating the Food Labelling World

Understanding global and local regulations

22 Jan 2019
BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Version 8

Are you aware of the changes implemented in this new version?

27 Nov 2018
Exploring the Food eCommerce Industry

Uncovering challenges, regulations and trends in this rising industry

10 Apr 2018
Identification and Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds in Food Contact Materials

Ensuring the safety of polymers used in food contact materials

27 Feb 2018
196 Permitted Food Additives Under Review for Deletion in Japan

Manufacturers must respond to Japanese authorities to keep additives on the list

28 Jun 2017
How to Negate Risk in the Global Meat Trade

Don't get embroiled in meat scandals

20 Jun 2017
Proposition 65 vs. Processed Food Companies - A New (Costly) Thorn in Your Side

The addition of furfuryl alcohol, a natural by-product of thermal food processing, to the Proposition 65 list will likely result in added litigation risks for food/beverage manufacturers selling products in California.

15 Mar 2017
What Industry Should Know About the New Best Practices Guidelines for Probiotics

New industry guidelines will help reduce inconsistency and add clarity for consumers

02 Dec 2016
FDA Dietary Fiber Guidance and Its Impact on the Food Industry

The latest developments on dietary fiber may have a major impact on many companies currently making "dietary fiber" declarations in the U.S.

11 Nov 2016
Tackling e-Commerce in the Food Industry

An analysis of the growth of online sales specifically within the Food Industry

10 Nov 2016
Intertek welcomes New Novel Food EFSA Guidance Deadline

A critical step in the establishment of the new EU novel food Regulations

18 Oct 2016
When Food Safety is Paramount

Food hygiene in the food service industry

13 Sep 2016
Food Regulatory Update in China

Looking to Future Changes in the Industry

06 Sep 2016
FDA GRAS Rule About to be Finalized - Clarifications, but No Surprises

After 19 years as a proposed rule, the United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will finalize the criteria by which food ingredients can be concluded to be "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS)

30 Aug 2016
Food Contact Regulatory Framework in China 2016

Intertek provides insights into how the regulations in China are shaping up and the potential effects on industry.

26 Aug 2016
FDA's Updated Draft New Dietary Ingredient Guidance

Some Progress but No Dramatic Changes

19 Aug 2016
Sugar tax - taxing unhealthy behaviours

How the sugar tax will affect the food industry

28 Jun 2016
A further update to EU Novel Food Regulations

Intertek's EU food regulatory expert provides insights into how the regulations and guidance documents are shaping up and potential effects on industry.

21 Jun 2016
California Proposition 65 - Another Year of Businesses Paying the Price

The threat of settlement fees from notices of violation continue to loom over businesses in California.

20 May 2016
Food law has changed a lot in 500 years

Exploring the changes in food law 500 years since the first recorded food regulation was introduced

08 Apr 2016
California Proposition 65 Update: BPA - End of the 1-year Grace Period

OHHEA plans to impose temporary emergency regulations for canned food retailers due to possible BPA-related litigation concerns.

08 Mar 2016
U.S. FDA Set to Increase Enforcement on Dietary Supplements

Office of Dietary Supplement Program set to increase industry oversight and consumer protection in light of high profile violations

23 Feb 2016
Getting New Animal Food Ingredients Into the U.S. Market

Emerging Developments in U.S. Animal Food Regulatory Acceptance

19 Feb 2016
EFSA Takes a Closer Look at Food Enzyme Exposure Assessments

Deadline for Public Consultation is 31 March 2016

16 Feb 2016
Safe food: a wish or reality?

An analysis of how safe our food really is.

26 Jan 2016
Added Sugar: Dietary Guidelines in the U.S. and Beyond

New U.S. Dietary Guidelines cracks down on added sugar

08 Dec 2015
On the trail of understanding consumer tastes

How sensory analysis can benefit your business

17 Nov 2015
EFSA’s Safety Opinion on Isoflavone-Containing Supplements for Post-Menopausal Women

Conclusions give pause but no safety concerns

03 Nov 2015
Revised EU Novel Foods Regulations Set for Adoption

Learn more about how these changes will impact you

01 Sep 2015
Sample testing in the global food supply chain

Where and how often in the supply chain should food sample testing take place?

25 Aug 2015
JECFA Releases Call for Data for 82nd Meeting

Learn more about JECFA and how this could impact your food substance.

11 Jun 2015
Engaging with webinars

With our working lives becoming increasingly pressured and time a precious commodity, why should we take time out for webinars?

08 May 2015
Updating the United States Food and Drug Administration's Redbook

Public commenting period has been extended to May 11, 2015

03 Mar 2015
What is Third Party Certification and Accreditation for the food industry?

An analysis of accreditation and certification and the value it can add to your business, wherever you sit along the global food supply chain.

22 Sep 2014
China: A Regulatory Update

Changes in novel food regulations will impact new and existing novel food products.

28 Aug 2014
Durian Tested for Degree of Ripeness

A Farmer in Thailand was jailed for selling unripe Durian. But why? And why should we care?

18 Apr 2014
A Closer Look: Chocolate Easter Eggs, The Global Supply Chain

The average chunk of chocolate undergoes hundreds of assessments from the day the cocoa seed is planted.

03 Apr 2014
Requirements for a Gluten-Free Food Label

Do you know about the regulatory requirements for food labeling, specifically when it comes to gluten free products?