11 Jun 2015

With our working lives becoming increasingly pressured and time a precious commodity, why should we take time out for webinars?

technology is constantly increasing, and with it, the world is becoming a much smaller place. the demand for information, shared through experiences, thoughts and feelings has never been so high.  from a personal perspective social media has led the way, instant gratification of experiences and kudos for a good post or a humorous picture.

the business world has typically been the first to embrace technology. the likes of mobile phones, laptops, tablets have transformed our busy working lives packed with emails, conference calls, skypes and telephone calls. this leaves us with little time for face to face interaction, or time out of the business to discuss the latest trends, changes in regulation or absorb industry information with peers. this is where webinars come into their own.

good webinars aren't about selling; they are about educating and inspiring participants to take the next step to improve their business through the sharing of information - not a sales pitch. they save businesses the time and expense of travelling; they transcend time zones and are accessible to all, allowing even the smallest company to sit side by side with the big brands.

of course, webinars are fundamentally a platform to help companies share their knowledge, but they are only truly successful if they engage the audience and provoke positive actions for improvement.

whether you're aiming to establish credentials or you need to demonstrate the quality of your production. webinars are a proven way to help to enhance your knowledge, build consumer confidence and open up new market opportunities.

to find out about some of the latest intertek webinar's food services will be conducting over 2015.  visit our main page https://www.intertek.com/food/webinar-series/

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