27 Apr 2021
5 Steps to Watch out before and after Lubricant Oil Sampling

Proper sampling generates accurate analysis and effective action plans

13 Apr 2021
Verification of Part Cleanliness

Helping you maintain cleanliness

20 Oct 2020
Assessment and Evaluation of Friction Welds

How can you join complex components together?

02 Jun 2020
How do I protect the value of my crude?

Interpret InFlow offers intelligent data analysis to help crude retain its maximum value

22 May 2020
IMO2020 – Is it all Plain Sailing?

Relevance of ISO 8217 following IMO 2020

28 Apr 2020
Flow Accelerated Corrosion in Nuclear Power Plants

Intertek's Approach to Identifying FAC

22 Oct 2019
IMO 2020 0.50% Global Sulphur Cap

Intertek's outlook on the introduction of 0.50% m/m Sulphur Fuels in Africa and opportunities in the Bunker Industry

13 Aug 2019
Monitoring Microorganisms in the Oilfield

The Art of Sample Management

21 May 2019
Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries - The Challenges

Exploring Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries

14 May 2019
Energy Storage and Big Data

The Future of Our Power Grid

23 Apr 2019
Celebrating International Safety Day

Are you up for the challenge

26 Mar 2019
Machine Learning Vision Techniques for Nondestructive Evaluation

Limiting the human error factor of phased array testing data analysis

12 Mar 2019
Wear Debris Analysis Innovation using SEM technology

Why Caleb Brett's investment in cutting edge SEM technology enhances wear debris analysis capabilities for clients

04 Dec 2018
European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS) Analysis

How to manage your obligations

16 Oct 2018
Ingrid for Power Plants

The market's largest database for Power Plant Cycling Operations

18 Sep 2018
Performance of Engine Oils in the Presence of Biodiesel Fuel

CEC L-109 – a new industry requirement

14 Aug 2018
Tiny but vicious - Microorganisms in the oilfield

Why consistent monitoring is key

10 Jul 2018
Bidding Into the Energy Imbalance Market

Intertek Asset Integrity Management Engineering Services provides key generator resource data for units bidding into the Energy Imbalance Market

19 Jun 2018
Managing Water Hardness Offshore

The Importance of Minerals in Water

03 Apr 2018
Corrosion, an Issue for the Offshore Wind Industry - Part 3

Cathodic Protection (CP) - Installation Issues

06 Mar 2018
Fuel Cell Technologies - An External Supply of Chemical Energy

Generating Electricity from an Electrochemical Reaction

19 Dec 2017
Corrosion, an Issue for the Offshore Wind Industry - Part 2

Cathodic Protection (CP), the use of mathematical models underpinned by bespoke testing

10 Nov 2017
Corrosion, an Issue for the Offshore Wind Industry

Corrosion issues of monopile structures

09 Dec 2014
New major investments in the Ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam

Intertek is ready to respond to this new growth.

14 Oct 2014
Opportunities in Africa

It’s a good time to be in Africa.

19 Aug 2014
Monitoring Pipelines for Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Pipeline failure can have serious consequences in the oil and gas industry. Understanding and mitigating the causes of failure is a vital part of pipeline maintenance and is a valued service provided by Intertek.

19 Jun 2014
Expert Insights: Understanding the current state of the Shale Industry

Get a closer look at the state of the Shale market as highlights from this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) were captured by one of the leading experts in the industry today.

06 May 2014
A Closer Look: Lubricant, Fuels and Other Fluids are Critical to the Aviation Industry

Lubricants and fuels help ensure that engines and other systems operate smoothly, but they must be monitored.

22 Apr 2014
Crude Oil: Demanding quality sampling and testing is not 'Crude' at all

Recent developments in the United States Shale regions have prompted a new, more defined focus by regulatory agencies on the produced materials from this region.

20 Feb 2014
A Closer Look: Oil Refineries Require Care and Feeding To Thrive

Several factors come into play.

09 Dec 2013
A Closer Look: The Importance of Bunker Fuel Quality Testing and its Impact on the Shipping World

Why does the transport of marine fuel samples across the globe for routine analysis provide constant logistical challenges?

27 Sep 2013
Crude Oil Assay: What it Means to Refiners

The value of a particular crude to a refiner depends on its quality.

23 Nov 2012
A Closer Look: Chemicals in Marine Fuel

Chemical contamination within marine fuels can place fuel purchasers and suppliers into potential conflict. Standards, a uniform approach, and third-party laboratories can help.

14 Nov 2012
Developing Engine Oils is Essentially Invisible to the Motor Vehicle Owners, but Absolutely Critical to Vehicle Engine Life

The engine oil lubricant industry and the infrastructure to support the effort to reliably market quality engine oils are largely invisible to the average driver of a pickup truck, passenger car, delivery truck, bus, freight hauler, etc.

11 Sep 2012
Hydrogen Sulphide – Creating a Stink for Vessel Owners and Operators?

The presence of Hydrogen Sulphide in marine fuels has always been viewed by vessel owners/operators as an occupational hazard.

17 Jul 2012
Two Part Expert Blog Series - Part two: Manager Alignment to Enhance Employee Performance

Michael LeBlanc, a Senior Consultant at Intertek, offers three key suggestions for enhancing occupational performance management