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04 Jun 2024

Ensuring Cybersecurity in Medical Devices

A Proactive Approach can Streamline Compliance and Reduce Vulnerabilities

A woman in a lab coat standing in a hallway.
28 May 2024

Understanding PFAS Regulations and Their Impact on Medical Devices

The Role of PFAS in Medical Devices and the Implications for Industry Compliance

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19 Jul 2022

FDA Guidance for Medical Device Cybersecurity: What Manufacturers Need to Know

The importance of identifying vulnerabilities and controlling risk to demonstrate product safety and effectiveness

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23 Nov 2021

Navigating Cybersecurity Standards and Regulations for Medical Devices

Keeping patient information and networks secure

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07 Sep 2021

Reflecting on Remote Supplier Audits

Helping the pharma industry maintain focus on quality

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24 Aug 2021

On Target with the Right Information at the Right Time

Demystifying a Custom Test Program

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08 Jun 2021

Success through Failure with Accelerated Stress Testing

Breaking Your Product Can be Good for Design

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06 Apr 2021

Medical EMC Updates

Changes under IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition, Amendment 1

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09 Feb 2021

Ensuring the Safety and Performance of Electrical Products

The Testing and Certification Process in North America

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05 Jan 2021

Measurement of Residual Stress Using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

What is Residual Stress and How can Intertek Help You?

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04 Aug 2020

Medical Device Compliance

IEC 60601-1-3 2nd Amendment

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14 Jul 2020

Vibration Testing: Fixtures

Get It Right the First Time

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07 Jul 2020

Vibration Testing Insights

What You Need to Know To Pull Off a Vibration Test

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29 May 2020

Connectivity in Medical Devices

Cybersecurity and Risk Management Principles

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03 Mar 2020

Why Did My Part Break?

A Look at the Failure Analysis and Investigation Process

14 Jan 2020

Testing and Certification in North America

A Look at OSHA's NRTL Program

26 Nov 2019

The Bridge to China

Medical Device Approvals with the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)

19 Jul 2019

Medical Device Cybersecurity - Part 2

Safely Test and Deploy Connected Products

16 Jul 2019

Medical Device Cybersecurity - Part 1

Safely Test and Deploy Connected Products

02 Jul 2019

EMC & Wireless Compliance for Active Implantable Medical Devices

Ensuring Safety and Performance in a Connected World

18 Jun 2019

Medical Robots and Robotic Devices

Ensuring Compliance with Regulatory Requirements and New Standards

18 Dec 2018

Preparing for ROHS 2019 Compliance (Part 1 - Sourcing)

Changes to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Effective 22 July 2019

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10 Apr 2018

Identification and Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds in Food Contact Materials

Ensuring the safety of polymers used in food contact materials

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06 Mar 2018

Fuel Cell Technologies - An External Supply of Chemical Energy

Generating Electricity from an Electrochemical Reaction

04 Oct 2016

Designing Sustainable Medical Devices

Using IEC 60601-1-9 to Your Advantage

27 Sep 2016

Bringing Medical Devices to Market in the U.S.

Five Steps to Commercialization

26 Jul 2016

Field Evaluations for Medical Electrical Equipment

An Overview of the Requirements Under SPE-3000

05 Jul 2016

Not all rubber is made equal!

A discussion on risk assessments of leachables from medical device components

01 Dec 2015

New Finished Product Requirements for EU REACH

See what the new ruling means by checking out our infographic

22 Jul 2015

Planning Ahead for IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition for Medical EMC

Market Trends Point to Demand on These Standards Sooner Rather Than Later

27 May 2015

Top Failures With Mobile Health Apps

As the medical device industry looks to enter the world of mobile apps, here are six common issues you should be ready to address.

20 Jan 2015

Risky Business: Toxicological Risk Assessments to Support Product Safety

Extractables, leachables, impurities, degradants, contaminants – what else can go wrong?

10 Feb 2014

Making Sense of the RoHS2 Directive for Medical Devices

Learn more today about non-electrical items and if they are included in the RoHS2 directive.

03 Dec 2013

A Closer Look: Medical Devices Used in the Home

What are the challenges the home environment can present when related to medical devices?

18 Nov 2013

Ensuring Safety and Essential Performance: Medical Devices Used in the Home

Medical devices used for home healthcare are designed to specifically to ensure safety.

29 May 2013

What is a Medical Device?

The role of medical devices in healthcare is essential; however, defining what constitutes a medical device is not always as clear cut as it may seem.

26 Apr 2013

The Manufacturer's Checklist: The Sale of Medical Devices into the European Union

In reality, is RoHS 2 truly enforceable and what do manufacturers need to know? Keep reading in today’s expert blog post.

24 Apr 2013

What You Should Know: Medical Device Manufacturer's Responsibility and RoHS 2

Did you know RoHS 2 is a CE mark directive? Learn more in today’s blog.

22 Apr 2013

A Closer Look at How the European Directive RoHS2 Impacts the Medical Device Industry

As a manufacturer of electromedical equipment, you have just over a year left to comply with RoHS 2 directive.

26 Dec 2011

A Year in Review

12 Dec 2011

A Closer Look: RoHS 2