31 May 2022
In the hot seat: Acrylamide-related changes to California Proposition 65 Regulations for foods that undergo cooking or heat processing

Injunction for acrylamide-related lawsuits upheld and new proposed warnings labels for acrylamide in food

31 Jul 2018
California Proposition 65 “Soft Targets” Beware

Retailers and Manufacturers must act now to meet August 30 Deadline

20 Feb 2018
California Revises Proposition 65 Warning Requirements

New Regulations Become Operative on August 30, 2018

20 Jun 2017
Proposition 65 vs. Processed Food Companies - A New (Costly) Thorn in Your Side

The addition of furfuryl alcohol, a natural by-product of thermal food processing, to the Proposition 65 list will likely result in added litigation risks for food/beverage manufacturers selling products in California.

21 Jun 2016
California Proposition 65 - Another Year of Businesses Paying the Price

The threat of settlement fees from notices of violation continue to loom over businesses in California.

08 Apr 2016
California Proposition 65 Update: BPA - End of the 1-year Grace Period

OHHEA plans to impose temporary emergency regulations for canned food retailers due to possible BPA-related litigation concerns.