Traffic Signals Testing

Industry Leading Expertise in Testing Traffic Signals, Warning Lights, Markers, and Retro-Reflective Signs

As a benefit of testing your equipment under Intertek’s LED Traffic Signal Modules Certification Program, cities and townships that install ETL verified traffic signals gain continual quality assurance monitoring and reduced maintenance costs. As your testing partner, we independently verify LED and incandescent traffic signals, pedestrian signals, barricade warning lights, pavement markers, and retro-reflective signs per the provisions in Section 6.3 of the ITE Specifications, as well as industry, state, local, and proprietary standards.

Take advantage of our testing services in accordance with ITE, CALTRANS, AASHTO, State Departments of Transportation, ENERGY STAR®, and municipal specifications:

  • Luminous Intensity
  • Electromagnetic Interference
  • Mechanical Vibration

Download, "Directory of LED Traffic Signal Modules Certified Products"


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