What is Photometry and Radiometry Testing?

Optical testing is essential for assessing the quality and performance of light emitting products. These tests measure various metrics for both photometric and radiometric applications such as flux, intensity, flux density (illuminance/irradiance), brightness (luminance/radiance), spectral power distribution, color rendering index (CRI), and many more. By conducting these tests, Intertek provides data that is critical in aiding lighting design.

Why is Photometry and Radiometry Testing Important?

Photometry and radiometry testing are vital in the development and manufacturing of lighting products, including LEDs, lamps, luminaires, disinfection products, grow lights, and displays. These tests help verify the product's specifications, performance, and compliance with industry standards, ensuring optimal quality control. By measuring parameters like glare, flicker, and UV radiation, potential hazards can be identified and mitigated, ensuring the well-being of users.

Intertek's Photometry and Radiometry Testing Services Include:

  • Luminous Flux and Luminous Intensity Measurements
  • Radiant Flux and Radiant Intensity Measurements
  • Illuminance and Luminance Measurements
  • Irradiance and Radiance Measurements
  • Spectral Power Distribution Analysis
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Color Quality Assessments
  • Efficiency and Uniformity Evaluations
  • Delivered raw .ies files

Photometric & Radiometric Testing
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