Class P for LED drivers & LED light engines allow quick and simple Product Certification

Intertek’s best in class program for LED drivers and LED light engines is the Class P program. This is a system for LED lighting drivers and light engines which defines evaluation and testing guidelines for standardized constructions and ratings.

The Class P Program allows manufacturers to source and incorporate multiple different drivers or light engines of the same Class rating into lighting products without retesting each time a new LED driver or light engine is utilized. This program is being embraced by major luminaire manufacturers as a way to reduce their product development costs and improve their speed to market.

Intertek is pleased to offer lighting manufacturers the widest range and most flexible options for certifying their LED drivers, LED light engines, and LED luminaires. Contact Intertek now to learn how the Class P program can speed up and simplify your path to market!


Intertek’s Lighting General Coverage Program now includes more categories – read more to see if your products are eligible for this program for more efficient market launch.

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