Lighting General Coverage Program

More efficient Certification for Lighting Products

Intertek’s Lighting General Coverage Program enables manufacturers to save time and money when launching new lighting products.

In this certification program Intertek trains qualified representatives at the lighting manufacturer on how to comply with the construction requirements of the applicable standard. The program is specific to products that are temperature exempt and only allows the use of listed components, or other components specifically identified by Intertek.

The process allows manufacturers to certify large numbers of products through a more cost-effective and time-effective process, designing and shipping new models within a specific product family without having to send a sample to an Intertek laboratory to determine compliance.

The program is offered for temperature exempt luminaires being certified to: ANSI/UL 1598 and CAN/CSA 250.0; ANSI/UL 153 and CAN/CSA 250.4.

The program is offered for luminaires using one of the following NRTL certified components:

  • Incandescent Lamps
  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lamps
  • Linear Fluorescent LED Tube Replacements
  • LED Retrofit Kits
  • Zhaga Book 7 modules utilized with a Class P Driver
  • Functional Safety Modules utilized with a Class P Driver

To ensure quality, clients in the program undergo an initial factory inspection, monthly inspections, annual retraining, and are subject to monthly factory audits where applicable. Contact Intertek for further details or to enroll in the program.

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