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Appliances and Consumer Electronics Testing is the process of evaluating the safety, quality, and performance of appliances and electronic products that are designed for use by consumers. This is done through a series of tests that assess the safety and performance of products, including electrical safety, mechanical safety, and ability to withstand environmental conditions. The purpose of appliances and electronics testing is to ensure that these products meet regulatory requirements, industry standards, and consumer expectations for safety, reliability, and functionality.

Intertek's Solutions for the Appliances and Electronics Industry

Leading appliance and electronics manufacturers rely on Intertek to deliver a Total Quality Assurance solution for their products and processes, from unprecedented speed for testing and product certification, breadth of services, global laboratories and experts, and leadership in performance and benchmark testing, Intertek provides the most comprehensive solutions worldwide.

Consumer Electronics Testing & Certification

Whether you're a manufacturer, importer or retailer, Intertek’s experts will help you gain the certifications you need for your Consumer Electronic products.

Household Appliances Testing Services

Intertek can verify the safety, quality and overall value of Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics, helping to distinguish your product to retailers.

Commercial Appliances Services

Intertek is a complete testing solution partner for virtually any Commercial Appliance including Commercial Refrigeration & Freezers, Food Service Equipment, and more.

Retailers & Suppliers Services

Intertek can verify the safety, quality and overall value of appliances and consumer electronics, helping to distinguish your product to retailers.

Power Tools & Outdoor Power Equipment Testing

Intertek works with the largest retailers in the industry and can complete performance and retailer requirements testing to help distinguish your Power Tools & Equipment.

Amusement Machines Testing Services

Our broad scope and expansive testing capabilities provide a full range of certification labels and schemes to certify all around compliance for electronic amusement, gaming, and vending machines.

Beauty & Wellness Equipment Testing

Intertek can verify the safety, quality and overall value of health and beauty appliances including; Exercise Equipment, Pools and Spas, Wearable Technology and more, saving you time and money.

Cleaning & Floor Care Testing Solutions

Intertek is ready to support the development, validation, and regulatory needs of manufacturers of Cleaning and Floor Care Equipment.

Services for Appliance & Consumer Electronics

Our breadth of services supports clients in product design, inspecting supply chains, assessing facility productivity, and providing confidence that your products, systems, and people are all working together to strengthen your market position.

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