The cleaning and floor care category is a very specialized one indeed, whether intended for household, commercial, or industrial use. New technologies combined with customer demands are creating both exciting and challenging objectives for manufacturers. Intertek is a leading provider of safety, EMC, & performance testing for cleaning and floor care appliances. With a large global footprint of certification and laboratory testing capability, Intertek has solutions for global market access. Intertek also recognizes the wide range of intended uses and consumer demands. Because of this, we have set aside unique teams and capabilities to support the needs of our customers. Like many other product spaces, manufacturers of cleaning and floor care equipment are also undertaking the integration of new technologies to improve performance and customer experience.

These may include:

  • Products using heat, UV, or chemical means to achieve a germicidal function
  • Battery Power
  • Connected Operation and Monitoring

Intertek is ready to support the development, validation, and regulatory needs of our clients.  From idea and proof of concept through compliance testing to end of life, Intertek is the end to end, one-stop-shop solution.

Regulatory Services

Safety Testing
Ensuring your product is safe is of the utmost importance. Intertek provides appliance and consumer electronics manufacturers with electrical, gas and sanitation testing and certification
EMC Testing
EMC testing for appliances and consumer electronics for any market you wish to enter around the globe
EE/Eco Design
We offer Eco Design solutions helping you be environmentally conscious at all stages of the product development process
Chemical Testing
We offer comprehensive solutions for compliance with restricted substance laws, regulations, and requirements
CB Scheme
Intertek helps clients comply with the CB Scheme, simplifying the process of meeting the requirements for marketing products in more than 40 countries

Enhanced Services

Product Failure Analysis
Improve product quality and apply to a variety of manufactured products, components and materials, including metals, plastics, electronics, and more
Product Cybersecurity
We simplify and streamline your product's cybersecurity certifications. From common criteria, FIPS 140, IEC 62443, ANSI/UL 2900 and more
Connected Devices
From process introduction to product acceptance, our industry leading experts can guide you every step of the way of IoT device certification
Assurance & Consulting
Get on-demand expertise to accelerate product design and market launch, access global markets, reduce costs, and mitigate risks
Retailer Requirements
Verify the safety, quality and overall value of appliances and consumer electronics, helping to distinguish your product to retailers
Battery Safety & Performance Testing
Intertek is the leader in battery safety testing solutions with labs across the globe
Usability Testing
Determine the product’s overall ease of use and how well your product will be accepted by the end user
Global Market Access
We streamline and manage the entire product certification process from start to finish, saving you the headaches of global certification

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