Benchmark and Comparison Testing will help you assess how your product performs against your competition. We will work with you to create a testing program specific to your needs and goals

It is essential that you set your product apart from your competition. Benchmark testing will help you to assess how your product performs against your competition in a number of areas including performance, functionality, durability, quality, etc. This information will help you determine how your product will fare against products already on the market. Testing data will also help you make informed decisions on price points and product design, and can help shape your performance claims.

Our benchmark and comparison testing experts will work with you to determine which combination of the following testing components is right for you:

  • Evaluation of Product Features
  • Evaluation of Product’s Overall Performance
  • Evaluation of Product’s Durability, Construction and Workmanship
  • Independent Verification of Product Performance Claims
  • Evaluation of Product Packaging and Labeling
  • Evaluation of Product’s Physical Characteristics
  • Review of Owner’s Manual and Operating Instructions
  • Evaluation of Product’s Ease of Use
  • Evaluation of Product Safety Hazards
  • Environmental or Analytical Evaluation

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