Contamination testing, detection, analysis, troubleshooting and resolution expertise to minimise downtime, maintain customer confidence, for quality & safety

Contamination testing, detection, identification and analysis are crucial steps towards resolving suspected contamination of products and processes. A contamination problem can create a highly sensitive situation during which many resources are focused on inspecting the sample and /or site, identifying the contaminants, searching for their sources and achieving resolution, as the issue could potentially threaten the safety of your product, affect your product’s performance and can also damage your reputation as a manufacturer, a leading brand or distributor. 

Contamination is unpredictable and can originate from unexpected sources in many forms. It can manifest as particulates, fibres, impurities, gels, discoloration, cloudy or opaque matter, stains, metal fragments/metals & trace chemicals, degradation products, surface residues, reaction by-products and catalyst residues and can occur in samples from many industries including chemicals, flexible electronics, cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceuticals and petroleum.

Our contamination testing experts provide a strategic response to resolving a contamination incident, which incorporates both a stringent risk assessment methodology and investigational insight, with focus on accurate identification of the nature of the contaminant, determination of its source and on swift resolution via key techniques including spectroscopy and microscopy.

We detect, isolate and identify suspected contaminants down to trace and ultra-trace levels, to quickly understand the contamination problem and are typically experienced in dealing with various sample types such as liquids, solids, gases, surfaces, powders & particles, metals, polymers, formulated chemical products, silicones, greases, lubricants, cleaning agents, organic and inorganic materials. 

We understand that time is critical in any contamination situation that you face, and as such, we specialise in rapid response problem solving, lasting solutions and client support via contamination control and decontamination across many manufacturing sectors, products and markets.

Our laboratories are staffed by industry-experienced personnel who provide an independent, specialist resource using a wide range of proven and advanced analytical techniques, guiding you through the issues which you may be facing.

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