In an era where knowledge is power, our Analytical laboratories serve key industry sectors providing testing expertise, from advanced R&D research projects to routine quality tests driving the insights our clients need to succeed.

At Intertek, we understand the critical role that analytical laboratories play in today's world. Our laboratories are the beating heart of scientific inquiry, quality assurance, and innovation, serving key sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, automotive, fuels, aerospace, textiles, consumer products and more. Our Analytical Laboratories, ensure that businesses around the world have the tools and insights they need to succeed. 

Analytical Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our Analytical Laboratories offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you're a pharmaceutical manufacturer striving for regulatory compliance or a research institution pushing the boundaries of science, we have you covered. Our laboratories are staffed by trained chemists, material scientists, technicians and laboratory management with years of industry knowledge and expertise. Our team don't just perform tests; they collaborate, innovate, and provide insights that drive your goals forward. Our Analytical Laboratories are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. We invest in cutting-edge instrumentation, such as mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy and and are adept in method development and validation for all manner of analytes and sample types. Our services include:

Chemical Analysis: We explore the composition of substances with our advanced chemical analysis techniques. From identifying unknown compounds to ensuring quality control in manufacturing processes, we provide precise results you can trust.

Materials Characterization: Uncover the properties of materials with our cutting-edge characterization methods. Whether you're designing new materials or ensuring product quality, our analyses deliver critical insights.

Food Safety Testing: We play a crucial role in safeguarding the food supply chain. Our laboratories test for contaminants, allergens, and nutritional content, ensuring consumers enjoy safe and high-quality products.

Pharmaceutical Analysis: In the pharmaceutical industry, precision is non-negotiable. We offer a suite of services, including pharmacokinetics, bioanalysis, and method development, to support drug development and regulatory compliance.

Microbiology Testing: Microbial contamination can impact product safety and quality. Our microbiology testing ensures safety and quality across industries, from cosmetics, food to oilfield microbiology.

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex landscape of regulations can be daunting. Our experts provide guidance, compliance testing, and documentation to keep your business in line with industry standards. Includes chemical substance identity for REACH and other regulatory requirements.

Choose Intertek as your analytical laboratory partner. We're more than a testing service; our team are ready to  provide the crucial laboratory support you need to help run your business and meet product research, development, and quality goals.

Analytical Laboratory Services

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