Our materials analysis services evaluate material quality and provide the necessary insight to improve performance, resolve failure or contamination issues

Our materials analysis services evaluate material quality and provide the insights needed to improve performance and resolve failure or contamination issues. Our scientists and engineers design and conduct studies to drive greater understanding of your material’s composition, structure, chemical properties, mechanical properties or physical properties. Information from our reverse engineering and deformulation studies can give you valuable insight into the construction and properties of products and materials.

We analyse a wide range of materials, including polymers, plastics, composites, metals, alloys, ceramics, paper, and board. These materials have diverse properties that can impact performance. Understanding your material’s properties is essential to determine if it's suitable for its intended use or to understand and rectify a failure. To explore a product’s useful lifetime, our performance testing and environmental and durability testing  can provide accurate predictive information.

Our materials analysis and testing knowledge spans various industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, nuclear, chemicals, oil and gas, polymers and plastics, packaging, adhesives, medical devices, textiles and apparel, building materials, electronics, composites, consumer products, and nanomaterials. With a global network of laboratories and over 1,000 industry experts, we can support customers worldwide with prompt testing and consulting.

Materials Analysis Core Services
Material Quality Assurance: Our materials analysis expertise ensures the quality of your materials, supporting product development and guaranteeing performance.
Failure Investigation: We investigate and help rectify failure issues by delving into the composition, structure, chemical, mechanical, or physical properties of your materials.
Reverse Engineering and Deformulation Studies: Gain valuable insights into the construction and properties of products and materials through our in-depth studies.
Performance and Environmental Testing: Assess a product's useful lifetime with accurate predictive information derived from performance and environmental durability testing.

Materials Analysis Techniques
Our experts use a wide range of materials analysis techniques to provide Total Quality Assurance to your business. Our laboratories work to ISO 17025 accreditation to test to a variety of standards, including ASTM, SAE, UL, IEC, ISO, BIFMA, EN, MIL and OEM-specific. We also provide advanced and routine materials and mechanical testing characterisation, data interpretation and expertise. Materials analysis techniques include microscopy, surface analysis, chromatography, mass spectrometry, NMR analysis, thermal analysis, rheological analysis and spectroscopy techniques including FTIR analysis or Raman analysis.

Materials Analysis Investigative Services
Intertek’s failure analysis services determine the cause of a failure and provides you with the insight you need to make decisions and rectify the problem. Through our forensic analytical and scientific services, a detailed investigation into product and processes are conducted to resolve legal, safety or performance issues. Our contamination detection and analysis service allows for rapid identification and resolution of contamination. 

By partnering with Intertek, you gain a support team backed by many years of industry knowledge. We help ensure the quality of your materials and products, optimize performance, and address or avoid failure issues. Leveraging our materials analysis capabilities empowers your organization to make informed decisions, enhance product quality, and drive innovation. Partner with us for a comprehensive understanding of your materials, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability

Materials Analysis and Testing:
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