Cryo-electron microscopy services for invaluable insight into surface and internal micro and nanostructures supporting formulated chemical product innovation

Cryo-electron microscopy is a technique used for preserving and examining the micro and nanostructures of liquids and their interactions with substrates. This method is particularly valuable for studying phenomena such as emulsion, dispersion, and gel-based aqueous chemical products, as well as biological samples, all at low temperatures through cryopreservation. Cryo-electron microscopy enables the acquisition of structural information through image analysis.

Understanding the micro and nanostructures of your product is crucial for product innovation and successful market launch. However, conventional electron microscopy may not be suitable for certain sample types. Cryo-electron microscopy comes to the rescue when dealing with "wet" or aqueous-based samples, which often contain micro and nano-sized systems used in coatings, cosmetics, agrichemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other products. These systems play essential roles in functions like active delivery, optical effects, and targeted or controlled release over time. Cryo-electron microscopy also proves invaluable in understanding biological tissues, requiring cryopreservation to prepare the samples. Unfortunately, conventional freezing methods can sometimes disrupt the inherent micro, nano, or biological structure due to the formation of ice crystals, necessitating alternative approaches.

By applying cryo-electron microscopy, following proper cryopreservation techniques such as high-pressure freezing (HPF), our scientists can preserve the inherent nanostructure without the interference of ice crystal formation. This, combined with subsequent processes involving sublimation of the sample, exposes the microstructure for Pt/Pd coating, allowing direct observation of the preserved structure using cryo-electron microscopy, regardless of the sample's complexity. In essence, this process transforms liquid samples into solids, making them amenable to the same analysis as solid samples.

Our team of microscopy experts has extensive experience across various industries, employing cryo-electron microscopy to advance our clients' product development initiatives or substantiate marketing claims for formulating structured chemical products. In conjunction with expert analytical services at both the R&D level and, if necessary, to GLP/cGMP standards, our teams offer specialized expertise for the chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, and beauty product sectors.

Through our array of low-temperature microscopy methods, our scientists are adept at applying a wide range of imaging and analytical techniques to complex samples. This capability provides you with invaluable insights, which are indispensable in an era of ongoing product innovation.


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